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>$350 for a console that came out in 2016
Finally, most sites are advising readers to not buy this revision, but I'm pretty sure nintendies will buy this anyway.


And buying 10 year old games for 60$ is okay?


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I'd pay a million dollars for the original Smash Court 2 but Namco licensed Anna Kournikova's name and released this shit…


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>OLED screen will most likely burn out
>Ethernet port shares the same bandwidth with HDMI and USB ports, most users report the max speeds are way below fast ethernet standards
>Joy-Cons were supposed to had new technology that prevents drifting but they're exactly the same as the old Joy-Cons
>the battery lasts exactly the same as the revision despite having the OLED screen


It's just a quick cashgrab before switch 2 comes out. Besides, it's not supposed to be an upgrade. Just a newer model for people that don't have a switch yet

Also, monhun rise demo is out on PC!

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