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why are jews like this, should mero make its own chat app?


NOOOOOO, Not my heckin private data

Not the hecking secrecy good boy. Now everyone will know that I type nigger in every second sentence


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Let them know. I will own up to my entire posting history when the future dystopian governments release all previously anonymous data. When every place of employment refuses to hire me, I'll live in a barrel and masturbate in public. CEO's and Presidents will kneel before my wit mastered through years of degenerate shitposting wishing they could be a true free man like me.


Have fun being deported into the creamatorium because humans without a permit will not be counted as humans. You will be seen as a waste of space.


>masturbate in public 2500 years ago
>be called a genius
>masturbate in public in current year
>be called a degenerate
>get imprisoned if not shot down
what went wrong?

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