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Did any of you guys actually see this anime? Is it worth watching?


it's shit, don't watch


okay, now I'm curious. Downloading


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Did you watch this?


not yet


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>did you get any beer

what the fuck man, I drink beer at work all the time. What a stuck up asshole. Thank god he's not my boss. Letting me stay until midnight to fucking debug code? I'd be quitting right then and there


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Us third worlders also drink on the job.


For third worlders it's different. They drink just because they are low iq and want to get drunk. We drink either when we go eating, or if we have our work done and then drink. Which both applies to the scene above


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I'm not the one who ended in a hospital just because he drank two beers the same night.


It were gin tonics and I only ended up in a hospital because I drank and partied for a whole fucking week with little sleep. Needless to say, I haven't been to a club ever since.


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Yeah, I think I'm going to protect this (fake) smile


protect your ass from my dick nigger


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I thought he was the bad NTR man, but he's actually based. The roasties only learn though shock therapy


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>He actually got together with the Gyaru

okay, that's surprising


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So my humble rewiew:

Glad he ended up with he Gyaru. I wonder how Sayu will react when she finds out. Regardless to say, him ending up with Sayu would ruin the story, as their relationship was never sexual. The Boss was a cunt I wonder why the guy even liked her. Kouhai is the best girl and the best character in the show. The only one that wasn't a whiny bitch. Gyaru is fine too. NTR man was a bro. Sayu was the most retardedly written character. She should've acted more slutty and not act like a pure virign, its really schizophrenic.
The last three episodes were trash and forced drama garbage thought. Should've been more sol themed comedy.


So, any good anime this season? I only watch Higurashi. Everything else kinda sucks


Nigger, watch Love Live Superstar already…

I'm watching Jahy-sama too, it's okay.


watched first episode of Jahy and it kinda sucked

not even going to comment on the Idolshit part


Apropos Higurashi
The newest season is a remake right? So you can watch it without having watched the old higurashi that aired in the forelast decade?


It's a sequel camouflaged as a remake


so you can't watch it without seeing the original ka?


there are a lot of scenes that show you a different side of the same scene from the last season. You miss that impact if you haven't seen the original. Then again I'm already missing a lot from before the 1st season because I didn't read the VN or watch the old anime, and I still enjoyed this new one. So you might have a good time.


Dumb zoomers


You have to watch the original because it's a sequel you retard


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