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WTF, how is this allowed


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oof, it's bad

like really really bad.

I hate it actually. Everything is randomized. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Everything is too big. Everything is soulless. I hate the menu. I hate the npcs(niggers).
I hate the level design. I hate the clutter in every level. I want to loot and shoot, but this game makes it very very annoying. Also the enemies are bulletsponges, again. fuck Todd. This is worse than Fallout 4 and even that was bad already. My weapons feel like peashooters, while the enemy instagibs me. I don't want to go to a randomly generated planet, to find a randomly generated outpost, fight through hordes of randomly generated NIGGERS just to collect randomly generated garbage. There is level scaling again, where you never feel like you are getting more powerful, as the rnemies scale faster than you.
Then there is the settlements building, where you also need a lot of random garbage to collect.
Fuck this game


I really hope you stole this post from someone and didn't actually buy shitefield.


I wanted to make my own judgement because of all the shitposting.
Besides, 70$ is nothing for me.


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Just because it didn't make a dent in your bank account doesn't make you any less scammed.


Isn't it like a single meal in the us?
Besides, I wasn't scammed. I got exactly what I expected.


>I knew I was getting scammed


the creation kit isn't coming out until next year so we're gonna have to wait for anything better than ini tweaks and texture replacements


I think Bethesda genuinely wants to go under if they think this game will even still be relevant during next years lineup of games.
Baldur Gates mod tools are coming out in like a month or so too.

It’s simply over…


kill some kids you'll feel better


He mant imgame.
He linked to a mod page.
Please dont raid me fbi


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I am not even pirating shartfield.
I already have Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty pre ordered.
It’s almost time to return to kino


I dropped cyberpunk faster than Starfield.
And not because of the bugs, or some promises that were not kept. But because it's a shitty movie game


That's not a critique so okay.


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Why can't we have this

I fucking wish we could get something like this

I know I know it's nostalgia and I never even finished skyrim, but it I thought that the immense wasted potential that skyrim had would be finally used in Starfield. It's so fucking easy making a good video game without bullshit, why the fuck can't they just do that? Why do they have to push this slop down our throat.


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looking back on it those huts look like something out of wow


Those internal organs really make me rock hard


Dude had this downloaded cause his teeth only attracts walruses


>Why can't we have this
Its called botw and tears of the kingdom sweaty


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Skyrim was the last kino Bethesda game but it needed mods to make it actually fun to play.
The lore and writing was solid, worldbuilding too, but the gameplay was very bad.

Starfield is just another corporate Bethesda game, they will never make another good game because they have business majors making decisions on what’s fun



Tbh with all the mods it was still a polished turd, but at least you had fun for a few hours.
There is literally 0 fun in starfueld. 0 sense of exploration. All the NPC's suck and everything looks like a filler.
The last part is probably the worse one. Everything feels like a filler

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