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we whites will be remembered like elves. We created practically all inventions and innovations throughout all of civilization. Beautiful and aesthetic. To the people of the future, white inventions would seem like magic


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want to go out for some doener?


100 years from now when the world is 50-100 degrees hotter and kids have to go to school using a hyper insulation chamber and non melanated people have to wear special suits to go outside or risk skin cancer, I will truly be thanking the whites for their innovation of drilling oil, cutting down forests, dumping toxic waste, and bombing goat farmers.


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> I will truly be thanking the whites

I thnk you should be thanking a whole different group of people for that.


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I’m sorry, I got confused.

I saw a b2 bomber fly over my house yesterday, and i was just full of appreciation for the whites leaving millions of undetonated ordinance all over the world for little kids to find.
I just can’t wait to stand and pledge allegiance to the white race knowing that if not for them, I couldn’t live on the earth, it was simply too savage with all the agriculture, groves of nature, and there was nobody to give all my hard worked earnings to.
In the future, when they write about how Elon Musk solved world hunger, and how Bill Gates ended all disease, I will make sure not to question it, after all, they’re white!

Pic related, it’s a picture of me (I’m Mexican)


eine donner mit alles bitte

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