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Kept you waiting, huh?


I have never played a metal gear game because I'm a pc player.

I'm hype for dragons dogma and Helldivers 2


i want the pachinko but it would cost me like 2 grand


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PlayStation has games? What is this 1999?


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I started playing the first dragon's dogma because of people shilling it on /v/ after the sequel's announcement

It's actually super fun, pretty much everything I wanted in a fantasy RPG even when games like skyrim never appealed to me


I did spend a lot of time on this game, but the mixmax bullshit got into my head and now I can never play it again


>video games are in their shitty remake trend Era
Vidya didn't learn a single thing from film


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Remakes are literally in every generation. You are just old enough to remember the original.

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