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Today I dreamed about about my own top gear Episode where the trio try themselves as car salesman. They create their own car dealership and try to sell old used cars. It was so hilarious that I just kept laughing throughout the night.
Of course nobody managed to sell a car except Jeremy, but he banged it up trying to get it out form the tightly parked cars on the lot.
I think my brain is a genius


My dream was my father was commissioned to design and reconstruct a room for somebody and that guy had a daughter and she kept eyeing me every day and in the end she made a move on me. Needless to say I woke up.


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In my dreams I'm a womenizer, but somehow it's impossible in real life


You should send this to top gear


I don't think they work for Top Gear anymore. I could send it to Amazon, but they booted Jeremy beacuse of that tweet

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