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lets talk about germon films


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The only German movie I have seen is "Der Schuh des Manitou".

I have not seen "Das Boot"
I have not seen "Im Westen nichts Neues"


well there is knocking on heaven's door, lola rennt, soul kitchen they're okay I guess if you're a german boomer you ought to know more because you were too stubborn to learn any foreign languages


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This is…the funniest movie…EVER!!!! I literally…LITERALLY laughed so I cried, I laughed all the way trough, my I could barely hear what the actors were saying I laughed so much.


metropolis was pretty alright


I tried watching that German riff on Lord of the Rings and was very very confused.


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What's the name? I don't even know such thing exists. You mean Lord of the Weed? That's a classic.


Yes Lord of the Weed.


Well first of all you need to understand German to get it. Then you needed to be underage at the time it came out. You had to be there with all the lotr hype and so on


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This absolutely riveting crime film by Fritz Lang demonstrates the height of taut, suspenseful filmmaking. The most modern-looking film of 1932.

So while lauded by the wine-swirling art-house set, whose films – and there are a lot of them – also appeal to those of us who rarely use the phrase 'mise en scène' in conversation. The movie captures an air of dread, despair, and individual impotence.

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