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Rules are simple:

1. No degenrate shit.

I will also answer questions if you ask them. I have high expertise in many scientific fields. so feel free to taska bout things your degenerate brain does not know of.
Like "Why did Hitler do this" or "If Nazis were the good guys, how come they lost".

Have fun, subhumans.


Why do you let cp stay up for 12 hours you nigger


It's legal in Germany


Because I sleep for 12 hours you nigger?


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dumbshit lanklet incel


why did you buy a .com domain for an imageboard?
arent .com domains quite expensive


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I pay over 100€ a month to keep this shithole running. But the Jannie I pay 30 bucks a month is a lazy bastard. Maybe I'll hire a new one. So yes its quite expensive but no price is too high


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merorin is.. dr mabuse




Damn bro you could like run 10 minecrap servers with that dosh.


I had an official Merorin Minecraft server for a while. Not a single guy joined me.


how nibba my site costs me $60/year
switch to a pajeet host and save millions


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what's a nibba?


Merorin CHAD


What kind of webzone?


hire me señor meromin I will not let the CP bots win


new bun, it's like new nen but worse


Damn nigger the like 6 member dorkweb chat I used to lurk had a minecraft server that regularly had 4-7 people onnit lmao


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ein schwein aus holz fur mero


File: 1680908195635.png (772.87 KB, 865x1200, 1679822368009966.png)

Only oldfags will get this




File: 1680932859074.jpg (1.99 MB, 4416x3312, Louhans_Géant-des-Flandres.jpg)

Huge rabit of breed Géant-des-Flandres (=Flemish Giant) in the monday market in Louhans (Saône-et-Loire)

Flemish Giant rabbits weigh 6.8 kilograms (15 lb) on average, though the largest ones can weigh up to 10 kilograms (22 lb). The longest one on record (which holds the record for the longest rabbit in the world of any kind), measured about 1.3 metres (4 ft 3 in) long.


Thoughts on eating pussy?


I would, but only in a life or death situation


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happy easter merorin


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no longer easter
it's wester now


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>Rules are simple:
>1. No degenrate shit.
What do you mean by "degenrate shit"? Like, p*rn/h*ntai, cultural marxism, etc?


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anything I don't like


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