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this is something I don't get about women if you don't want people trying to look up your skirt then don't wear it


>if you don't want people trying to look up your skirt
Are you implying all women should wear Burka?
Because women don't like being looked at by creeps, regardless where they look


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this looks like one of those dumb jav videos where she pretends to resist but the cameraman/actor does whatever he wants without difficulty anyway


all women should wear skirts


Flowers want to attract only competitive extrovert able-bodied bees.


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I'm perfectly able bodied. Now, where's my queen bee?


I hate how maskcucked that country got.


It's a collectivist society and they already wore masks BEFORE covid, It's not surprising at all


>wore masks BEFORE covid,

Fuck off you nigger, I was in Japan for a month before COVID and nobody wore a mask there.
I hate total retard niggers like you who spew half-truths and bullshit they heard online



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Everywhere in the big cities and small villages. Maybe it was a seasonal thing, but now they also wear it in the summer

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