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Reddit: The Movie


it was pretty reddit, but it's nowhere near as bad as basically any nolan movie


i thought it was fun


I just watched this and I spent the entire movie repeating the words "this is reddit, this is memes, this is reddit, this is memes…" under my breath.
I fucking hated it. I was writhing around on the floor in front of the chair for the last 30 minutes it was so painful.
>Ayy quirky A24 movie lmao
If you liked it you're in the wrong place


im not saying it was good or anything
just that i didnt completely hate it all the way through, for example the action scenes were pretty well done


I really don't see the appeal in being a contrarian weirdo.


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that's a pretty contrarian thing to say, contrarianism is a very common and even popular phenomenon you know?
furthermore it is rather obtuse of you, as you should know full well that there are many flaws and unpleasant elements present in all forms of media, be they popular or otherwise
but perhaps you were just being ironic?


Nobody asked


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How many friends do you have?


It was me who asked


Nevermind I just watched it.
Fucking terrible


I thought it was pretty good even though a lot of the quips and gags early on made me want to roll my eyes or wince. I still laughed at some of the jokes, raccaccoony is the only one that I can think of off the top of my head. The action was fun to watch and seemed well choreographed. The concept was cool and I thought it was executed pretty well. I wasn't into the visual style of the costumes and whatnot, but beyond that I liked how the movie looked. Granted I watched it on a shitty old square monitor that stretches the image a bit, so my viewing experience wasn't exactly perfect.
All around I don't regret watching it. It was entertaining. Having said that, it's not a movie I would buy or watch again.


I was close to just turn it off and do something else. It was boring and shitty and cringe.
Watch some good movies. I watched Death of Stalin recently and it was a pretty good documentary.


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that movie doesnt have kung fu in it doe


neither does that slop

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