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Oh boy oh boy oh boy

It's soo ON


hit gwamm a few months ago though and stopped playing
you can join the dead guild and have an armbrace 4 free if you need it


idk what you mean.
I haven't played in 10 years and basically forgot everything.
I wanted to play some random arena like the good old times but I guess it's dead. I saw nobody online, not even on the international channels


people tend to play those only when theres a daily for them
if you had the game since launch you should check to see if ur rich
there are party hats in the form of old items and shit


Yeah of course I have, but nobody will buy these


depends what you have
look for non-customized weapons with 8 stat requirements
wrong text color/icon on runes
old green items that were changed
promotional items
collectively these things are referred to as prenerf items
https://kamadan.gwtoolbox.com/ flippers
https://guildwarslegacy.com/forum/ richfags


I think I'm too lazy to do that.


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well then give it all away and I'll do it for a small finders fee of course ;^) ;^) ;^)
if you're serious about playing there's 2 main goals people come back for you might want to do
https://hom.guildwars2.com/en/ this shit for cosmetics in the sequel
https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Guide_to_God_Walking_Amongst_Mere_Mortals or this
one will inevitably lead to the other, and all roads sort of end here

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