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It was pretty good, I must admit. I liked that the action seemed realistic and not over the top


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are threads moving around without posts? or is somebody deleting them? whichever it is, here's some cringe shit as punishment for whoever's fucking around.


That's not cringe at all.
The cp spammer is just bumping random threads and I delete the posts so fast (I deserve a raise honestly) that you don't notice it


basado, here's hoping he ragequits


I thought you just wanted replies for this and that other thread of yours so you kept bumping them to the top of the index I bumped the one below to stick it to you but if you say it's the cia oh well anyway sage


it's cool to see someone so passionate about their website even if it doesn't get alot of traffic.


what the schiz is even talking about?


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I know you are insulting me, and the insult drips off me like the raindrops from a raincoat.


no, I was being very genuine. I've been here like 6 years and have had Websites of my own that I quit because of low traffic, so I'm envious of that.


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i killed myself after watching this video

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