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I'm watching andor and why are there so many black characters?
And how come there are so many women in major roles?


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>watch western zogslop
>why are there ugly women and wogs
would you walk into a public bathroom and ask why it smells of shit?


This is basically like watching a fantasy novel and asking why are there so many elves.

Because the writers wanted that.
I would understand if you said why is this WWII documentary filled with women, but even then, women were a part of WWII so even that isn't a valid question.


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I now know why they put in to many blacks, gays and women into the show. They want a broad appeal. If you only had white men, only nerds would like it. But they want literally anyone to like it, that's why they are putting in all these minorities.
But it won't appeal to everyone, instead it will just appeal less to your fanbase.


It's more that directors don't have to fight to feature people of color in their creative works anymore, so we're are just seeing more creatively free works.


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you know why

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