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You guys always say that 4Chan is becoming more like Reddit and Twitter. But I think it's the complete opposite. Reddit and Twitter are becoming more like 4chan. Just went to twitter and I'm seeing all the 4chan memes there like Gachimuchi and Bateman


they have shared a userbase since 2015


no it's just all the non le racist memes from 4chan always become popular and bleed into normalfag social media


The "Yes" meme is literally racist


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being racist is fun, everyone should do it


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Lmao I get it


Nah, because Reddit and twitter actually organize events, raids, and mass trolling like 4chan used to until it became jannified.

I mean, 4channers made fun of “we did it Reddit”, but at this point it just sounds like envy.

And the best part is that the raids are usually against deplorables, it’s how they got rid of incel and racist communities in their own spaces, and in reddits case through downvoting completely silence idiotic people.


normalfags dont know this therefore they dont care
When pepe was "reclaimed" by /pol/ it actually deterred normalfags from using pepe (less of a big deal now though)

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