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Why did I had to uncontrollably laugh at this


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>no hard r



>implying nipponese can pronounce a hard r




True, I shall fix it.


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9001 hours in mspaint


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Because it became mainstream to unironically hold idiotic beliefs.


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Huh, now that you mention it, it has sort of become mainstream for men to think that they're women hasn't it? I wonder what this line of thinking will escalate to next, will we start seeing "normal" people talk about how they identify as babies just like we see small minorities do already? Will workplaces install baby changing rooms for grown adults in an effort to be inclusive? And what about furries? Will I be forced to take one of my coworkers out on a walk during the lunchbreak because he identifies as a dog?


You will be forced to not breed, oh wait they dont need to force you, lmao


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How many women have you bred with? Don't tell me that you're coming out with lines like that when you're single and childless…?

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