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Neonchan. Open 24/7.
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can't get into the mood to watch anime anymore
how do you do it?
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Just played deep Rock galactic the whole evening and this game is really fun
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I have 9 friends on steam of which every single one is offline.
I'm the only manchild that plays games at this time
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that guy is stackmaxxing social credits
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I feel like this belongs on mero so I'm graciously returning it.
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kek this guy
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Look what just came in the mail.
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Getting my 3rd jab SOON™, can't wait!
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did anyone epse notice a timeline shift either last night or today?
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>get visitor
>want to play mortal combat with them on my PS5
>game won't start

I thought what the fuck and we tried for 30 minutes before giving up. Then later I figured it out. Your firmware needed to be updated and you need to have an online connection to even play the game in LOCAL COOP.
WHAT THE FUCK MAN. This is worse than steam. At least on my PC I can crack the games
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Why can't the dumbass Japs just make good anime instead of bad anime?
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he won
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Why is the board so dead when I am not reposting threads from /v/
Also remove this gay captcha already
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lmao is that real
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Just saw a BDSP ad on TV and I felt really uncomfortable watching it. I always find it strange seeing "non normie" stuff on TV. The ad was basically aimed at 20 something dudes, as it showed a boy playing the old one and a grown up man playing the remake.
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Bros. We are back in business.
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Pokémon fans be like
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Hey Lois, I'm an NFT
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Gcel do you still hate weed now
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Oh boy, PS5s are going to get expensive again…
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I bought River City Girls yesterday for the Switch, the digital, not the physical from Limited Run Games.

I made a huge mistake, I've played tons of beat em ups and I know they're supposed to be hard but this one is cheap, I know its core mechanics are the same as any Kunio game but this one feels so outdated, leveling up is pointless, equipped items have zero effects.

But the worst part is the cringey weebo shit, the voice acting sucks and reminds me of those early dubbed OVAs from the 90s, they're supposed to live in Japan but maybe some Americanized one? The animation is almost as bad as the CD-i Zelda and Mario games and for $30 I expected a lot more.

Some people say the game is way more enjoyable as a couch co-op but for single player the game is simply not worth it.
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>master was renamed to main
>all branch policies exploded

Thanks sjws
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You can't make this shit up
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someone posted a madoka AMV with a german song on here and it recently popped into my head again and I can't stop thinking about it could someone please repost it
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Talk about a what the heck moment
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I can't be the only one who still has dreams about middle school.
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only 799.99€, it's a steal

talk me out of it
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How am I supposed to drink soju?
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Holy Fuck, is this real?
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BDSP: What we learned from the leaks

>Removed all Platinum content (Trainer teams, Gym layouts, Pokémon variety, E4 Rematch, Battle Frontier, Distortion World, Map/Puzzles, Villa, Improved narrative)
>Removed Secret Base customization
>Removed Game Corner
>Removed 2/3 Contest minigames
>Removed numerous Online Features (GTS, Draw, Egg Spin, Mix Battle, and Platinum’s puffin cook, minigames, WiFi Plaza, and WiFi Club)
>Removed GBA-insert Pokémon encounters
>TMs are finite, but EXP Share is forced, PC is now portable, and HMs are removed
>Level curve is FUCKED as a result of forced EXP share (
>Following Pokémon receive affection buff (increased EXP, dodge chance, crit chance, attack, remove status conditions, and ability to survive moves that would faint you)
>Game is poorly optimized and crashes at random (
>Horrendous presentation, trainer models just snap in place
>Music is STILL trash midi, the trailers were doctored
>Copy and pasted animations from XY/SS that aren’t faithful to the DPPt animations
>Non-existent Pokémon scaling
>No Ranked Battles, no new battle modes
>No real new content like FRLG, HGSS, and even ORAS all got
>$60 game (DPPt was $40)
>$50 online (DPPt’s was free)

It’s over. This is the worst mainline Pokémon game ever released.
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Umm… Guys?
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Neonchan. Open 24/7.
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I really liked how crisp it looked. Modern devs go out their way to make the game look blurry and washed out.
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I bet you faggots never saw this message.
That's what you get when you don't buy a chinkphone
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you lazy fucks
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Help me
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Look at this dude…
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Ummm, bros? Will you play with me?
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/qa/ was literally nuked
what the hell, where do I get my wojaks now
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So wait. They had this model but they decided not to take it?
What the hell?
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I started doing push-ups since a few weeks now now I have pain in my elbows
Am I doing them wrong? Or should I just power through.
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based sleep enjoyer
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My idiot brother lost his phone and of course I have to pay up with my neetbux…
I’m never going to get a new gaming chair or laptop or nice merch at this rate…
I can’t wait to pretend to study so the government gives me more money so I don’t have to beg my parents…
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>arigathanks gozaimuch
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Somehow I find myself coming back to this webm.
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Was this scene really necessary
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dumb gooks made doors to enter trains because so many people were suiciding, but now they don't open in an emergency. elemao
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did this happen to anyone else
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Mero’s more active than Ota right now.
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>I'm unvaxxed
>Get the cold, just small symptoms
>My GF is vaxxed, she got the cold from me
>She spread the cold to her friends, all of them are vaxxed
>They have/had heavy symptomps
>I got rid of it after 2 weeks
>They still struggling after almost 4 weeks

Holy shit
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How do you comfort someone who lost a loved one?
I seriously don't know. Like do you let them be alone? Or do you actively try to comfort them, like show up at their house uninvited?
Or do you ask them if they want to be comforted?
I really don't get it, as I never lost someone who was close to me
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>college about to kick me out in a few days because im not vaccinated
Welp, what now. I have no idea what to do with my life.
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literally me
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whats up steam deck bros
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Found a pic of Gchan in the good old days
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We are going home.
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holy FUCK
this can't be real
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funny history memes

post 'em
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holy fuck
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Who did this?
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Only quads can kill him.
Dubs make him stronger.
Trips release his full power and destroy the board.
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holy fuck
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Meromin do you have conqueror's haki
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holy fuck, really had to turn away for this one
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holy fuck
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I kneel…
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>high ups exited over MK cab
>it's MK 4
Of all MK they picked the worst, in poor condition, niggas trolled us hard.
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I am going to take a siesta now

Watch mero while I'm on it
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Wanted to see if a mod would ban me, and they actually did!
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>get a comfy warehouse job
>somewhat challenging for a bit until I figure everything out
>Fucking bored now
>Days at work where I can just fuck off all day because I know there's not enough work to do
>Mind numbingly bored

What can I do when I'm just chilling at work on my slow days while I figure out what the fuck to do with my life
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Wagies get what they signed up for.
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he betrayed us
he literally implemented the skyrim compass
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>original web manga on hyatus
>author decides to redo it from 0 with someone else drawing the manga
>gets anime adaptation before the manga catches up to the web manga
>anime is now 2 years ahead of the manga
why the FUCK did they adapt this now its going to be at least 5 years before there's any content for a second season
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Imagine paying 60$ for this abomination
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I went to the arcade yesterday, it's mostly VR stuff nowadays, also some games are pretty immersive like the Cruis'n Blast Motion cabinet, that thing literally blows your hair when you drive.

Have you been to an Arcade lately?
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Clean it up jannie
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Average /mero/ poster
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Why do you still play video gays, aren't those for kids?
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Can somebody please explain this meme?
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Got you a desktop wallpaper no need to thank me
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Vote for the copper golem
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Is this anime?
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oh no no no whitebros… not like this…
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There are a few things that make me instantly and completely lose all respect towards an individual:


>playing mobile gacha games

what are your red flags?
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Popoka is fucking dead