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>I like him because… he tamed me

name a more uncrealistic scenario


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>I like him because instinct and hormones say so

File: 1668935416477.jpg (8.03 KB, 300x100, 9cd2ea84913e8fd1f94efa79e1….jpg)


3ch won


File: 1668953919216.jpg (90.13 KB, 700x700, 1668879709443896.jpg)

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You all fucking stink


did you finally get out of jail maki


I been out of jail -_-

File: 1649457353113.jpg (137.87 KB, 1200x1878, Femboyskinwalker_642a75_94….jpg)


We see here the femboy cryptoid skinwalker as it struggles to breathe its daily intake of HRT has run low and the creature has become desperate it now stalks the rooms of the unwilling and unknowing in an attempt to find anything with estrogen its small and weak frame allows it to slip in between the walls undetected.


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File: 1668128831820.png (1.12 MB, 567x876, gey.PNG)

Why do astolfo cosplayers always have super weird spindly alien body types? I get theyre mentally ill troons and everyone claims they're super kawaii or whatever but it's too common

Like look at this guy's fucked up knee and skeleton warrior arms, it's wild
Even if I were gay this wouldn't be attractive because they dont have thighs/ass or anything it's just bones


Fags are mentally ill.(USER WAS BASED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1668800577359.webm (2.03 MB, 460x452, 1668774421223.webm)

Humanity is done for. Hopefully other simians will learn form our mistakes.

File: 1668759174039.jpg (605.97 KB, 2692x4000, 1667700863350664.jpg)


I dreamt that I ate my own chair.

I wonder what it means? Maybe I shouldn't go hungry to bed that often.


How much do you brap in your chair? Do you sit on it naked?


File: 1668763795910.jpg (25.68 KB, 370x320, 1665749563655746.jpg)

What kind of questions are these? Are you some kind of pervert?

File: 1668698304400.gif (1.04 MB, 860x756, 1668694485116734.gif)


Don't mind me, just getting some coal


File: 1668698895559.webm (2.06 MB, 510x640, 1668241197139.webm)

Take it easy.


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yeah, juice…

File: 1668425579315.jpg (63.79 KB, 749x722, 1668411236213071.jpg)


The dude has had the same attitude, personality and ego since at very least he shouted out "Bush doesn't care about black people". And for 20 years no one gave a shit. No one gave a shit, no one was saying he's unhinged when he jumped on stage because he had to make it known Beyonce deserved that award. It's really only when he mentions ((them)) that he all of a sudden needs help for his "behavior".


good thread


Hes a schizo nigger but hes our schizo nigger (at least for now)

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They are both gone. RIP


File: 1668341256780.mp4 (4.16 MB, 540x360, Internetz.mp4)


rip moot

File: 1668012445363.jpg (971.18 KB, 1467x1404, __komeiji_koishi_touhou__a….jpg)


Stop hating your own nation so much, Gtürk.
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It's ok gcel
I can keep you company in your little ruins


File: 1668305287934.png (198.86 KB, 600x338, 23d4ad55fc2f9c6a-600x338.png)

he was a better man than you'll ever know.
you say one more word about him and I will blow your fucking head off!!



File: 1668363562446.jpg (458.2 KB, 1200x988, 1356104022753.jpg)

we did it reddit!


love wiggle waggle nightcock

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