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Liebe Pfälzer
Ihr seid nicht die schlausten. Hättet ihr eure Häuser am Hang und auf den Berg gestellt statt eure Weinreben würdet ihr jetzt noch leben. Ihr habt euer Schicksal verdient weil ihr einfältige Säufer seid.

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>Love Live is shit
Then explain this, bro? Best anime ever.
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Did you know that a guy in Germany went to prison because he "inspect element" a website to modify the news article and posted a screenshot of it on Facebook.
Fake news is a serious crime here.


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I'm not surprised, Germany is full of cucks.


but wrongthink is a serious crime in a lot of countries.
I bet in your country you would just "vanish"


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Good old print media will never try to deceive you.


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Wallace and gronif- /mero/
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oh you'd like that, nigger, wouldn't you
but no. sorry


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Literally gchan and hondy


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Juet wait till I find the perfect wojak to protray you as. Your life will be over

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What are these repetitive and boring tasks?
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We need to go back.


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“Wake up bro, it's 2006. 2020? COVID? Cancel culture? Tesla Bot? I don't have the slightest idea what you’re talking about. Now come on. Lets go play DDR extreme at the arcade.”


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This post is so reddit.


Followed by a very discord-like reply.


I wouldn't know what discord like is, as I only use it to verbally communicate with a few colleagues

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Rate my cock.


Recently I noticed that mine is pretty decent sized in fact. It's 7 inch-ish in length, don't know about the girth and it looks somewhat bigger on camera. It did give me a confidence boost I only wish there were some girls I could talk to in my line of work because I'm either all alone or it's a total sausage fest. Don't want to go around clubs or bars, ordering a beer and sitting there alone like an autismo. Maybe I'll go to a library and pick up an exchange student from Taiwan or something bonus points for a girl with glasses.


I need varappi's guidance. And his crypto stack.


Looks like a beached jellyfish.

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I'm so tired
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I always go to bed at 10:00 PM, well, not always but most days but somehow I'm still tired.


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When do you wake up. How is you sleep? Have you tried not to wageslave?


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just woke up


What is it with cels and driving?


File: 1629574477005.png (1.49 MB, 1001x1001, 1622079222741.png)

idk, I just love to drive

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>second shot
>get terrible fever
>eva 3.0 + 1.0 available on amazon
im feeling too sick to watch it
bros…. go on without me…
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I already rewatched 1 and 2 years ago and it's basically the same as the old series, where only the end in 2 is a bit different. Just watch 3 and 3+1


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did you see it yet?


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Yeah, whatever. Not like you were ever going to have kids anyhow.

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Dog bless


File: 1629063329750.jpg (18.6 KB, 408x471, 1625251957052.jpg)

I really hope this is just another meme.


File: 1629276381973.jpg (99.77 KB, 1600x628, 20210818_104418.jpg)

It is




Okay, this is cringe.

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Hate when this happens
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there are three right now me being included, at least that's what I count.


Nobody here is german german. If you see a german flag assume it's an immigrant.


Tbh, the only Germans left in Germany are the old people. Probably more than half of the people under 30 are immigrants


its not permanent right???? Im sure I saw soemone say that rangebans got changed so they only last like a month now???


idk, my ip changes like once a week and most of the time it's blocked because my ISP is buying shitty ips that were used by scammers

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