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oof, right in the crown jewels
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>Asuka knew Kaji though
Yeah, just as well as I knew Pamela


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>getting life advices from strategy guides
Unironically made me chuckle.

Do you think Uncle has ever heard of Puchi Carat? Uncle has probably missed good games that are not available for Saturn.


The new episode hit right in the feels.
I literally had this in school and I was too dense to realize it.


What anime is it nigga


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Who did this?

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So I've been talking to this one girl at work for the past few months and I really feel a connection like never before. We share similar interests and are "on the same wavelength". So anyway she has lately been hanging around my workspace every day and trying to start conversations with me. She is really touchy-feely. A pat on the arm here, a rub on the back there. So I thought we were cool, so to speak.

Last week, she came up to me in a very good mood, and started escalating things, she said that we should hang out after work and that we should have a few drinks and maybe make out with eachother.
I laughed and told her "The only thing I'm going to be making out with anytime soon, is the barrel of a gun." She was visibly panicking at this point, I was under the impression that she was into dark humor, but I guess she got spooked. She left quickly and hasn't been at work ever since. My manager has sent me multiple emails about a mental health examination or something. I haven't opened the emails yet but I know for a fact I won't be able to pass any mental health evaluations. What do I do?

For reference, I own 11,200 Chainlink tokens and 275 OZ or physical silver and 14 OZ of physical gold and 2 GME stocks.
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Shes trolling you


you failed the charisma check dude LOL buy a body pillow


we don't post reddit frogs on mero


We only post links to child porn here


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Also check em

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My classes next semester
>Calculus 3
>Physics 2
>Material Science
>Thermodynamics 1
how fugged am i


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get ready to get filtered

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I wish Deji was alive to see this. (YES, I KNOW IT'S A BIT LATE, THANK YOU).

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I'm living for this bros… Better be good.

The OP by Masami Okui is already out.


File: 1659118424456.png (857 KB, 640x628, 1658869587838883.png)

>I'm living for this bros
I was living for the Biscuit Hammer anime


Just looked into it and jesus christ do the VAs sound awful.
did they seriously hire the same boomers again to voice them? Old VAs are fucking cringe


File: 1659119872085.jpg (1.09 MB, 3065x1367, 101197074.jpg)

That's the whole point. Ok, maybe Asami Sanada isn't in her finest moment rn but Miyuki Sawashiro is still young, she was unironically a teenager when she voiced Puchiko 24 years ago.


I stay by my point. Fuck them boomers, they only got a job in the past, because anime was for nerds. Nowadays VAs actually try to act instead of doing the cringe voice.

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he's coming to da mets


File: 1659043035308.webm (1.49 MB, 848x480, BreakingNews_Mirror_Mirro….webm)


Wtf is this


That chink is alive, bugs are not human.

File: 1659048741925.png (617.85 KB, 750x750, 1640703274929.png)




Guys, don't tell him

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Have you guys watched El Camino? Is it good?
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When I saw it was produced and starred by Aaron Paul I felt like not watching it, I have nothing against him by the way, I just don't care.


I'm also not a big fan of him.
But yeah, it feels like a cashgrab more than anything. I will still probabz watch it after the kino that is BCS


It's ok


It felt like something that didn't need to be made. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. There are flashbacks with some of the characters from the show where they look distractingly older than they should. It's too bad that it wasn't shot alongside the final season.


File: 1659040705944.mp4 (392.71 KB, 478x720, 41b2e6d9ffcc5e23fcdb179ed8….mp4)

It was good, i liked the car autism with the fieros and the el caminos

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Finished this
>Aliens meant nothing the whole time
>Sunset was just because the author liked some ending of ultraman
>Urabe's family never revealed
>The voice in the first chapter was never explained at all
Very disappointed in the faggot that wrote this
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So the whole point of the manga… didn't pay off?

It's like at the end of Kill Bill she doesn't kill Bill. What a fucking waste of time


File: 1659020761759.jpg (32.33 KB, 798x644, b27.jpg)

This shit was nasty, thank God I choose Nazi no Kanojo X instead.


File: 1659024711260.jpg (470.94 KB, 2304x3072, 1654308338394.jpg)

just check the last chapter (92) there's no spoilers if you want to read the rest because nothing happens


when i watched I thought it was gonna be romance or mystery kino but it's just a dude drinking some girls spit for 12 episodes
why do people liked this shit anyway


File: 1659026880026.jpg (33.29 KB, 303x298, 1655121545185.jpg)

>why do people liked this shit
It's a dude drinking some girls spit for 12 episodes

File: 1658594195624.jpg (347.28 KB, 640x748, 844A1CED-0634-4D84-9C90-41….jpg)


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Totally different responses


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I can't read chinks what is this expression trying to convey.




cultural differences i suppose, in spain the muslim girls all get arranged marriages at 10 year old

File: 1658957220688.png (7.73 KB, 662x111, white honduran.png)


You are white AND a Russia sympathizer?
Talk about cringe my dude, I thought you were a truMONKE


Hes not white

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