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weabs eat the bugz


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ate lot of honey roasted cashews
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maybe you are right. Lets try


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He's right…


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They tend to either know already, or monitor until they do, the routine of site admins they target. They do this not just with spam but with DDoS attacks as well. I don't use spin-off sites that often anymore so I'm not sure if they're just blanket targeting everything, or if Merorin is specifically on a list, but I can guarantee that even if it's just automated they know your general schedule. If it's blanket spamming from bots then hopefully just the captcha will be enough to deter them, but in my experience it's usually someone that has personal grief with the site and they'll usually move onto DDoS attacks once you've mitigated their spam so keep an eye on your bandwidth.


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Who would have a personal vendatta against me?
I'm nice to everyone.


I know who's CP spamming


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this is a nice board

★ VIP quality


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Welcome to the club, buddy!

*slaps his ass*


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found MY thread

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I bought the new Pokemon
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I assume its just the lack of anti aliasing. It makes things look blurry and unclear, especially on the character models, and at a distance. Maybe most people don't notice it but it bothers me a lot.


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I said to myself that I stop working when my copy arrives, but then the postman is late and I fucking don't want to wage anymore. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH


File: 1668788482907.jpg (524.49 KB, 1011x1238, 1668771241584158.jpg)

It runs worse than PLA…


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This is literally me


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Love this meme

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>/jp/ - Merorin


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to make you seethe



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touhou lmao so fucking old school
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touhou is a normie franchise now, get over it chud


Fumos were a mistake


they are only norm now thanks to that one twitter sellout


part of the reason why
which one theres like 100000 2hu epic maymay twitter pages nowadays


yumemimeme oh SURPRISE SURPRISE theres a tranny flag on his page now

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I bought a barebone keyboard and build it myself. Got some switches and keycaps from ali. ISO format in da house, ya.
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How much did it cost? Is it programmable?
I've been using custom boards for like a decade the imo best parts are probably:
- Mapping media controls to wherever is most comfortable to you.
- Mapping things like caps lock to esc on tap and ctrl on hold.
- Mapping things like hold control + wasd to arrow keys.
- Choosing whatever keycaps you like.
- Choosing whatever switches you like.

Programmability is pretty cool, it makes the kb yours.
There's small differences with european and the ansi us layout but I find the later much more comfortable to use.


probably, but I won't bother

>control + wasd

there are a million shortcuts that se ctrl and wasd

> I find the later much more comfortable to use.

For programming yeah. And probably for everythign else, as I hardly write in German anyway. Still I'm a boomer that got used to it and I'm not going to bother to relearn. Especially if I have to use a German keyboard when I'm not home, I'd be hard to constantly switch between them.


>there are a million shortcuts that se ctrl and wasd
I meant caps lock, that's specially good for 60%s since they don't have arrow keys.

>I'd be hard to constantly switch between them.

It's not that hard I used colemaks for a while and you don't forget the other. I used to have the spanish and us layout in windows and swap with alt+shift to use the ñ but I haven't written in spanish in years and ñ is a very rare letter to start with. Might be hard for german.


>no clit mouse.


>no clit mouse.

File: 1668984018079.jpg (69.09 KB, 552x788, 1668934821137840.jpg)


Kino is back on the menu

File: 1668971050802.jpg (581.06 KB, 1440x1080, Honeyview_DSC_0021.jpg)


I went to a hike today and have some castle pics!


File: 1668971092079.jpg (677.58 KB, 1440x1080, Honeyview_DSC_0023.jpg)

Interior. You see the holes where the planks were.


File: 1668971124112.jpg (671.91 KB, 1440x1080, Honeyview_DSC_0029.jpg)

There were also some structures down below. I guess toilets?


File: 1668971225076.jpg (414.83 KB, 810x1080, Honeyview_DSC_0031.jpg)

Some royals build it in 13 hundred, but only lived there for 30 years. Then it was abandoned for 600 years. What simpleton builds a hard to reach castle in the middle of nowhere?


File: 1668971322035.jpg (748.69 KB, 1440x1080, Honeyview_DSC_0034.jpg)

The ruin then was actually renovated under Adolf. It would've a major tourist attraction if they actually put in the effort and fully rebuild it.


>only 30 years
thats a lifetime
political power reasons maybe? moving to a place out of reach of the current lords to not be under their influence

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