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Did you unironically save a thumbnail?


uh no, someone else did appearently

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Hey guys, what do you think abou Bridget of the guilty gear series?
She's trans now-ACK


You can't spell tyranny without tranny.

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Nooo, I'm bring cucked again!!!!

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Us cat friends am I right xD
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I liked the other game they made not too long ago
Edith Finch or whatever


dropped it too after an hour, bored to tears and was not impressed by the way you act, or all the scripted jumping spots

what the fuck is his problem


Yeah, a jump and run would be great, but instead we got a walking sim


File: 1660021854894.webm (357.41 KB, 480x854, 1659055121020.webm)

Not black?


Poor cat :(

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I grew up playing RPGs like Shining Force CD and Dungeon Explorer with beautiful orchestrated BGM and never understood why devs preferred to add FMVs over CD quality music.

Don't get me wrong, FMVs looked great back then especially on the mighty PlayStation but I'd rather have had a CD quality version of this masterpiece rather than a simple MIDI.


I've always wondered do you talk like Fernando Martinez or are you trying to fake your accent and sound more american whenever you speak


>but I'd rather have had a CD quality version of this masterpiece rather than a simple MIDI

Dude, everyone was plaything the sound though their shitty TV speakers, nobody needed high quality audio


File: 1659817358510.jpg (107.35 KB, 900x600, sony mhc wz8d.jpg)


I had a Sony MHC-WZ8D HiFi mini component attached to my Sega CD and I still have those speakers in my living room lol, they look old as fug but still sound great.

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I installed a mouse jiggler, now I literally don't have to work anymore.

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just woke up and the first thing I will do is play a video game
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But what about the digi waifus?


Beaten by the Pokewaifus


ugh this meme reminded me of the soul era
also nice 8 months old thread


>Soul era
>after 2007



soul era was actually from 2008 to 2014

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Get you ass back here.


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The Russians even made a whole day filling special about this


File: 1659539661499.gif (3.88 MB, 640x480, 1659537510671883.gif)


Love the design descision to make him run instead of using the wheels



no way this is real


Wait, that isn't normal in Espanã?


there's no grass in spain only sand


I don't like sand.


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I don't like Spain.

I used to think like that but then one Spaniard form Alicante became my best friend.

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It's been a pleasure to post with you, gentlemen.


So, China didn't do shit, huh?


lmao ching chongs must be seething right about now

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