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kys norm

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Bros we won against the gay menace.



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Wtf how did he predict this?


I forgot to post yesterday.



the ustashe BVLLs did nakadashi with their big BALLs into nihonjin fishnet spread legs hairy manko

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Why am I punished like this
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anyting is possible throuygh God


don't forget that you have mental illness too which makes the previous points irrelevant


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Nice try glowie.


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It is ok gcel, you can admit to me that you loved him


Universes way of balance.

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The spammer made me finally set up the filters because I got sick of it…
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just make it so you have to identify the entire cast of lucky star before participating in this site


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This, but make it about yukkuri trivia. The greatest filter.


yep I think we have a winner


Good work!


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if you ever decide to shut your board down ive already set up some successor boards

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kek, Ryo is literally me
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Bocchi's dad is literally me


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otosan can't deranged schizophrenic incel even though he's skinny like u


rent free

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I wanted to play Darktide today but the servers are down…


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did a malice mission with a total noob team and it was glorious


why does it look so dry

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Remove captchcar, it does not help.


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I beat it and all the dlcs

I have to say, the first dlc was somehow the best one. Dead Money was bad. Old World Blues was bad. Lonesome Road was rushed and cringe. The Base game was fantastic though. Loved the looting and shooting. The survival was tedios though, especially having to drink.
Speech, Barter and Lockpicking are OP. Energy weapons are obviously lacking compared to normal weapons, so there is a clear bias.
And tying carry weight to strengh is questionable as carry weight is the single most important metric in the game.
I have to say that the economy in the game was quite good. I never became too rich. Only at the last dlc, where I was able to sell expensive weapons, I managed to get a lot of money.
It really became one of my all time favourite games and everyone should play it. The installation process is a bit tricky though, you have to carefully read it here: https://vivanewvegas.github.io/

10/10 game


old world blues was reddit cringe full of damage sponges, the rest were ok
>I never became too rich.
you get like 400k caps when you steal all the gold in dead money


Why would you?
It's too heavy, at times I couldn't even carry too much ammo and had to drop it


File: 1669877980539.jpg (720.68 KB, 1920x1080, Trevor Ron Paulerson, 41, ….jpg)

Mainly to buy out all the overpriced mods I wanted at gun runners, can't think of any other big sinks. Got <200k caps left after dumping them so they are weightless. This is what my char looks like after all the dlcs at the start of the frontier tranny mod before they took it down. I had much better karma until I did a stream where I killed every woman I saw. Stashed all my extra garbage at the owb house.


>dead money was bad
stopped reading there


>steal all the gold in dead money
holy Toddler

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>brothas gathered around watching alex jones interview kanye
>kanye mentions hitler
>hilla? who tf this nigga talkin bout? *whips out google*


Half of american history education is the holocaust with the other half being slavery yet niggers still dont know who hitler was or what the civil war was


I wouldn't expect a worse take from a racist.

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Merry Kurisumasu
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funny thing is, they also have a German working there lmao


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melli kurismasu mero


bumping this gem back to 2022


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