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Chief Sitting Bull think, digital media should be free like buffalo




Why not? It's just 1s and zeroes. Thats like saying you have a copyright on jokes


then let us post cp you niggermod

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Didn't they invent a condom for that? They were supposed to test if it works or not…



I thought you weren't an incel…


me on the left


It's the plot of the manga, they work in a condom factory.


You work in a condom factory

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Is coffee good for you?
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Have you guys tried the Chicken McMuffin® with Egg?


never had one


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Let's see what's this thing is all about, bros…


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The american oyakodon is good.


File: 1644713891257.mp4 (5.13 MB, 470x360, Coffee creamer.mp4)

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They censored her…


Good, she was showing too much skin.


Your mom was showing too much skin


Is she holding one of those Ring Fit Adventure™ toys I've heard so much about?


No, it's the Aerobie™ Pro©®

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Snoys are literal cucks LMFAOOOOO


baste gaben BLVCK BVLL


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Why did he do it?

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I just noticed I'm 22 now


Turned 22 last year, I can already feel my body slowly decaying
After 20-21 it's a downhill slope


2021 will have been my last good year, probably.


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>tfw you're 10 years older than the average merorin zoomer


The future is now old man


How can you be born in 1990, that's like unimaginably old

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They are really out to ruin everything I like don't they,


All I remember of this show was the death by snu snu bit.


this is what, the 4th time the show is getting revived?


I think it is like the third time unless you count the second revival and the movies as seperate
And this one is probably going to be the worst out of all of them, they are not even getting Bender back (not that it matters to me since I watch ger dub)

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got permad on 4cels
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crinj frogposter


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Shut up.




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