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Me on the left

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I thought about making a good thread but then I remembered I can simply post garbage instead.


what the fuck were they thinking. That chimp could've ripped their faces off. Stupid japs.

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The first episode was just okay.

I still wish we had a gundam like IBO but without all the gay Okada drama.
The first three episodes of IBO were literally perfect, I love them so much.
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finally something is happening, but on the other side it took 13 episodes for something to happen.

I hate this anime and I'm, only watching because I like gundam. There were really no hype moments and right now even IBO is above this snorefest of pc retardation


Yeah, I like Gundam and mecha a lot myself but I can't bring myself to watch this shit. Not to mention it might end up being a fairly long series with the pacing it has, and with how Bandai's been investing quite a bit into anime as of late. God forbid that it's 49 episodes but spread into four parts.


i told you it was bad months ago


i like it


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this episode was actually pretty good

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no translation smh


If you can german that's enough.

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She's cute


he's hornyposting againg

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lets talk about germon films
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What's the name? I don't even know such thing exists. You mean Lord of the Weed? That's a classic.


Yes Lord of the Weed.


Well first of all you need to understand German to get it. Then you needed to be underage at the time it came out. You had to be there with all the lotr hype and so on


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This absolutely riveting crime film by Fritz Lang demonstrates the height of taut, suspenseful filmmaking. The most modern-looking film of 1932.

So while lauded by the wine-swirling art-house set, whose films – and there are a lot of them – also appeal to those of us who rarely use the phrase 'mise en scène' in conversation. The movie captures an air of dread, despair, and individual impotence.

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Is Mero being raided or did you buy a 4chan ad or something?
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I seriously don't know why this happens, but I hope it continues


Apparently Dani's been released from the mental ward, so he's been spamming the spinoffs again and advertising them on 4chan.


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I always knew that Dani was Chris-chan!


me too


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Today too, I think of cat.

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I can't Nazi because German

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Reddit: The Movie
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that's a pretty contrarian thing to say, contrarianism is a very common and even popular phenomenon you know?
furthermore it is rather obtuse of you, as you should know full well that there are many flaws and unpleasant elements present in all forms of media, be they popular or otherwise
but perhaps you were just being ironic?


Nobody asked


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How many friends do you have?


It was me who asked


Nevermind I just watched it.
Fucking terrible

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