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The new JoJo is out? I might finally watch it

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Two good laughs in one day. Fucking KEK it's gonna be a good day


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made two high quality posts but got zero replies…

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Whose side are you on?


u're mum's

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I turned 21 almost a year ago and I can already feel my brain crystalising
It's over bros.


It's over before you even think it's over, so it was already over many years ago


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But I was supposed to use my genius level IQ to get some talents and not just waste it all on playing video gays and KC


It's not wasteted if you had fun doing it.

You had fun, right?



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How many gifts did you get for Christmas?

This year I got zero presents.
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I got a bonus and a box of chocolates from my boss and 2 bottles of South African wine and two complimentary hats from HQ. This made me very happy.


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someone crashed into my parents car (peacefully parked in front of their place) and drove away


I got a multitool


it says fun box but the cat isn't pleased at all, wwwwwww


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apparently someone saw the car and wrote down the plate

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Can we just admit that trannies are failed virgins who are into commuter science?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


You are banned from every single community you've ever been part of. Open the closet and hang yourself in there.


Whyd you ban him I thought mero is the spinoff for the posters too based for the other spinoffs


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Hit a nerve, codemonkeycel? HAHAHAHAHABABABABABA A AA


can you like ban him but make him still see the posts he makes but no one else does


Fuck off ugly spic mudslime retard kill yourself

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At least there will be a Christmas market this year
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I did the same and set everything up for him, but the last time I visited, it was unplugged and I guess he never even used it


Boomers really need to step up their game.


Finished my shopping last month. Don't want to wait over a month for shipping.


What's the point it's 2G at every step.


There weren't any Christmas markets where I live…

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Is it a financially good idea to pay a hooker or something to pretend to be my gf for a few hours, financially speaking? I have enough money but I'm incredibly lonely and cannot get regular girls to like me. I mean I'm posting on mero on Christmas eve, so you know where I'm at in life.
If anyone has done this give me some tips please.


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some pro tips:

1. stop being a faggot

2. kill yourself


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I've had a major stomach pain for several days and now I can't walk more than a few steps without my stomach hurting, and I can't eat any solid food lest I'll endure an extremely long and painful digestion (10h+).

This, while I'm alone in a 15m² room with neighbours somewhere in the building drilling their walls on a 24th of December.

This is by far the worst Christmas I've ever had, and one of the worst days of my life as well.

New Year will be the same. Except with fuckers throwing fireworks outside.

I'm pretty confident that nobody can beat my shitty Christmas. Many of you will be alone, but at least you won't be in pain and you'll be able to eat normally and even drink alcohol. Cherish that.

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