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Can you glowie fucks please stop spamming cp.
This is a harmless site, there are no schizos here. I just want to discuss /jp/ cuilture for fucks sake. LEAVE ME ALONE
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They are reading it, aren't they


cummed to chastity cage


>I just want to discuss /jp/ cuilture

tranime-entertainment is not culture, you just have mental illness.





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if you post female wojaks you're a normalfag. simple as that


this but extend it to all the reddit family members

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He's not wrong tho, but bigger character = bigger hitbox, Emma the gentle blade was a pain in the ass due to her small frame.


Just crowd her and win in like three seconds
I've literally never been hit by emma


ayo fr crowding slaps hard no cap sheeesh


Dragons Dogma is no better, and I say that having always hated souls games.


shut up, dragons dogma is a masterpiece of action combat. don't you just love spamming the same move over and over?

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Companion wants a hug.


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Thank you, friend.

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My boss just tested positive for monkypox and guess who's the new top dog around here.


You better get tested bro, its an STD




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the norms


I have never eaten at burger king in my life.

t. Char

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Basically I'm just gonna not sell it (the bitcoin!!)
I know…. UGH I know….. I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's just the thing is I'm not selling is all

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I think all the Americans left…
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Do you have a reading disability? We are the ones who have no regard for our own laws and allow our "elected" officials to constantly tighten the grip on our lives. There is so much redundant bureaucracy in Europe especially Germany that you have to sort out before you do practically anything. Permits, licenses, check ups, terms, and all of this is still being shoved down our throats by stupid pencil pushing boomers who won't die.


>Permits, licenses, check ups, terms
That's a good thing. did my fishing licence and everyone should know the things that I learned before attempting to fish. We need the casual filters


Wait so you didn't learn everything you need to know when you would go fishing with your dad as a kid? Why even start now


>implying you know all the fish, the minimun sizes, where you are allowed to fish, how you fish properly without damaging yourself and the environment.
come back to me when you spend 40 hours learning that stuff


my uncle taught me
most people get their fishing licence in their teens

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Yeah, it was Cruise Kino.

But in all seriousness, a good movie, but it was also just a retelling of Top Gun.
If Top Gun was a 5 star movie, I would give this 4,5.
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I was with my gf…


inside your head


File: 1654710391097.jpg (33.23 KB, 657x527, yeo uh huh.jpg)

I saw it with my mom and brother


Did you mom like it?
Did she see the first one?


yeah she saw the first whenn it came out, she liked the new movie

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