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Isekai, if he real

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You guys always say that 4Chan is becoming more like Reddit and Twitter. But I think it's the complete opposite. Reddit and Twitter are becoming more like 4chan. Just went to twitter and I'm seeing all the 4chan memes there like Gachimuchi and Bateman
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The "Yes" meme is literally racist


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being racist is fun, everyone should do it


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Lmao I get it


Nah, because Reddit and twitter actually organize events, raids, and mass trolling like 4chan used to until it became jannified.

I mean, 4channers made fun of “we did it Reddit”, but at this point it just sounds like envy.

And the best part is that the raids are usually against deplorables, it’s how they got rid of incel and racist communities in their own spaces, and in reddits case through downvoting completely silence idiotic people.


normalfags dont know this therefore they dont care
When pepe was "reclaimed" by /pol/ it actually deterred normalfags from using pepe (less of a big deal now though)

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Wait, this nigga is still alive and in prison? And apparently he'd be out for a year now if not politics?

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Wait, they actually got a native russian speaker do the VA?
Pretty cool if you ask me
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it's fucking over


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what subs are those


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Damn what an ending
Good show


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What are some things that are incredibly easy with your eyes open but incredibly hard with your eyes closed?

I was just walking throwing a persimmon 30 cemtimeters in the air and caching it. And while walking to my room and there is a small badly lit passage and I nearly dropped it because you really need your eyes to do the micro adjustments even if you are throwing it yourself. Just try it. Close your eyes and try throwing something into the air and caching it.
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now try with a knife


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Well I can do it. Must be a skill issue.


try it with a persimmon


Drawing for me.


File: 1671615554305.mp4 (5.4 MB, 720x1280, Orinsmas.mp4)

I do it all the time with satsumas, they're not much different are they?

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Why did I had to uncontrollably laugh at this
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Because it became mainstream to unironically hold idiotic beliefs.


File: 1671465525910.jpg (1.53 MB, 4500x4500, FWeMTh0acAEFiKI.jpg)

Huh, now that you mention it, it has sort of become mainstream for men to think that they're women hasn't it? I wonder what this line of thinking will escalate to next, will we start seeing "normal" people talk about how they identify as babies just like we see small minorities do already? Will workplaces install baby changing rooms for grown adults in an effort to be inclusive? And what about furries? Will I be forced to take one of my coworkers out on a walk during the lunchbreak because he identifies as a dog?


You will be forced to not breed, oh wait they dont need to force you, lmao


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How many women have you bred with? Don't tell me that you're coming out with lines like that when you're single and childless…?

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They made Gohan Blanco real just because it sells. I wish it was a bit more than just "lol I power up I win"

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File: 1671167938832.mp4 (1.84 MB, 640x480, weeaboos.mp4)

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look mama i did it again. it takes no chance to get it right with slow posts. you rate and then delete it takes no effort. all you do is derange this place you think it's amusing? maybe you think about the opportunity of what you post next time but better even if you don't rest here and part my board.


what happened to posts 9991-9999


in my culture it has always been polite to pick up after yourself


I support canadian invasion of america



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Have you gotten yours, yet?



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