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Lmao, love that guy
He's not smart, but he's street smart.


Yeah he knows how to make money off retards

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It's really funny how in 20 years conservatism is now the "cool minority" while libtards seethe. Guess in another 20 years we'll switch again.


being right wing is now counter culture, soon we will be nostalgic about those days like fags are nostalgic about punks and hippies


dropped off my ballot for pp today

File: 1658250892271.webm (2.18 MB, 640x360, varg on irregular gf.webm)


wtf, is Varg for real?


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>stop fucking chinks, stick to whitey and preserve the race
How does Cargo cope at night?


incel varg got turned down by a asian girl in highschool

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Did a stranger ever did something nice to you without any recompense?

A stranger once helped me find a working ATM at 3am. God bless that nigger.
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>objectively a shithole
>decent automobile

Classic third world mentality.


Oh, sorry. My donkey cart is at home, yeah shame on me.


File: 1658259672113.jpg (300.04 KB, 931x2000, PSX_20220719_132549.jpg)

No more "cool rims" for me, I bought regular wheels like a peasant.


File: 1658259868156.jpg (58.64 KB, 999x562, steel is real.jpg)

Normal wheels in Germany are steel rims.
Lots of cars on the road are using these.


We are retarded here, our latino blood demands stupid shit like that.

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Can't she just marry a rich guy
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because their parents don't own an agency and everyone but the owner gets fired at the sight of an economic downturn?


spoken like a true commiecuck


womoids are the worst
>boo hoo i got a good job that pays well boo hoo im so sad im gon a go suck some pee pee


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File: 1658131453986.jpg (194.43 KB, 1523x868, 758595959595954949494994.jpg)


So bike chads what do you choose?


I hate old people, but I hate cagers even more

File: 1658241283099.jpg (448.51 KB, 1067x1634, 1658216890354354.jpg)


Sneed it or Chuck it


is this just a fanny pack?


Did you just call me a fanny, you queer?

File: 1658245233082.png (41.36 KB, 612x239, Screenshot 2022-07-19 0940….png)


I knew it, it was obvious.


Monty Python?

File: 1657258119687.webm (4.93 MB, 1280x720, 1657256320401-939036487.webm)


Is this a new TikTok challenge or something?
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I get Trump, he's a businessman.
But Abe? Totally a loonie, especially because his jap brain is hardwired to hecking LOVE cults.


File: 1657642857277.png (1.33 MB, 1440x2274, 1657642571611-198961541.png)

"Politics is always involved. I can’t create art… While trying to be blind about it."


File: 1658132346977.jpg (44.27 KB, 967x618, c6b5e1edf583b187e30640c889….jpg)

His family was once the upper middle class, his father was a mechanical engineer who graduated from the second best uni in japan, and his uncle is a lawyer (he had been fighting back against the cult and tried to protect the shooter)
The origin of his fate was his brother got cancer in his childhood. The brother managed to survive but not went well. The brother lost his eyesight at last, and his mother got mentally devastated by the unfortunate event.

Then the cult sneaked to his mother and brainwashed her and made her believe that the event occurred because of her ancestors sin - and she needs to give everything to the "christ's incarnation" and his church to get redeemed.

She handed literally everything to the cult and the family got destroyed, his father died in broken heart, debts made him unable to enter uni (he had very well grades enough to enter the uni where his father once graduated). Everything was broken down, still, he decided to live his own life supporting his brother, but his brother later killed himself.

Now the lone avenger was born.


I liked this post better when it was on kohlchan


Do you have any reason for that?
It's not like it was taken out of context

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I took 6mg of xanax and past out for almost 18 hours, and i have not been able to sleep more then 2 hours since then, this was last week.

my left side of body is getting heavy…

insomnia plays some fcuking games on ya..

never ever in my 33 years of life had i had something like this, and the nightmares are terrifying…

benzos aint no joke lads.

this coming from a coke, meth, adderall, weed, lsd, alcohol, nitrous oxide, opiate user…

that shit messes with the mind somehow, its like it uses up all the chemicals that makes you sleep and you have none left in the withdrawals…

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