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In the end you only have Gochiusa.

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I send my appeal now nearly a year ago, and he still didn't look at it…


Get Elon to buy GN


maybe I will just buy the gn…


you probably even could


T just needs to sleep instead of wondering merorin looking fit his name in threads.

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Road trips are cool, when was the last time you went on a road trip by yourself?
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ESL moment


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I went to a place called Trujillo and took an alternate route to get back home.


never gone by myself but its fun
Hopefully I can get a car soon


>no car
You are not a real American


Do it, it's fun.

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So that's why I always get the place besides the toilet door…

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Nice cosplay!

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>high-ups send a 3 page essay about their race equality achievements
>they're basically hiring black people and latinos
>boss asked us if we read the email during a meeting
>a black dude named Tyrone Robinson says "I don't know what was about but I ain't reading all dat!"
>boss is shocked and visibly upset
I don't usually talk about work but this made me laugh a lot.


Wtf is inclusion even a thing in third world countries?
I hought you guys had real problems


Bad quads


cities never have real problems besides traffic


Yeah, cities can be rebuilt


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um what about the 50-50 male-female ratio???

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>firday night
>all steam friends are offline
>nobody posts on the mero

guess it's just me, huh?


Just you.


burn in pain

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how do i find a qt germ bf?
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>Mr. Smith
you WILL never have s-x

and now is time for your meds jason


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Fake server is fake.


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irc is such a nice retard filter.
i love the protocol (っˆ◡ˆς)


ooog i am pingèr


die puffy

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Alright, I'm off to twitter spamming "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER"

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