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I was at the dentist today and a cute nurse cleaned my teeth. Her hand brushed against my cheek and her boobs against my head. Only then I noticed how starved I am for female contact


yeah he drives


Should we tell him, bros?


do you think she noticed


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I look like an incel, so definitely


probably teasing you then

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Touhou is reclining


File: 1660462892527.jpg (1.07 MB, 650x2330, __hakurei_reimu_remilia_sc….jpg)

how high have you climbed???
6+ ~ Novice
12+ ~ Primary
28+ ~ RSI


hey i posted this pic on /v/


my best archievement is SA extra so 12


21 for me, gave up on eosd lnb


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I don't feel in the mood to play the new 'hou but i beat the first stage

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I heard half of you don't even have one anymore


I'll show you mine if you show me yours.


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sent on discord

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I hate Poles now


slavshits are considered untermenschen for a reason


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I went to an anime convention today and nearly ended up in a hospital due to excessive mental stress that turned into physical pain.

On one hand I cringed at all the nerds and landwhales, on the other hand every nerd I saw was with a hot cosplaying gf that made me ultra jealous
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I only go to conventions to buy figures and pocky.


Figures are overpriced at cons and pocky is bad for your health


File: 1659822785506.png (530.35 KB, 596x498, votoms.png)

>Figures are overpriced
Maybe, but you can also find rare stuff that is out of stock everywhere else.


go outside chud


But that's literally what I did and I didn't like it

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Bought a new bike but I think it's too small for me
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I don't know anything about bikes but I like the color.


File: 1660333067760.png (472.67 KB, 1329x571, Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 2….png)

It's okay. Bikes are a western euro thing.


Expensive hobby, only rich people enjoy riding bikes.



dude, just get a bike for 100$. It's just as good, just a bit heavier.


I changed the handlebar and now the geometry is much more comfortable.
Seriously, what's up with the extremely wide handlebars? Such a meme.

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Why most manhwa is about people struggling with money? It's either a dude who's into gambling or some nerd who buys shitcoins, are south Koreans that greedy IRL?



Somehow the Japanese are an exception


>Japan is superior

Being morally right isn't always good either, it takes you nowhere. Gotta admit Japanese people look the opposite of greedy but in a beta way.


>it takes you nowhere
So you think you are "somewhere" if you are rich?
Talk about being narrow minded


I am fairly confident there are no poor or even upper middle class people on the trilateral commission. If being part of the group that are de facto rulers of this planet isn't somewhere I don't know what is.


File: 1660233002058.jpg (82.2 KB, 634x476, william-clark.jpg)

Greed and ambition are two different things.

It's where most CONSOOMERS are.

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File: 1659998886347.png (93.31 KB, 260x194, berserkin time.png)


Did you unironically save a thumbnail?


uh no, someone else did appearently

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Hey guys, what do you think abou Bridget of the guilty gear series?
She's trans now-ACK


You can't spell tyranny without tranny.

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