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>last post 21 hours ago
so when are we going the way of bun


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I'm busy watching anime and playing video games

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Wait, Persona 5 is finally on steam?
Lmao snoys have literally nothing left. Finally, a PS3 game is playable on PC!


File: 1663174150535.jpg (341.6 KB, 960x1200, FZVLg9nWAAMIfA9.jpg)

i spent $3000 on a gaming pc and i cant play ratchet and clank or astros playroom i'm fuming


I played Ratchet and Clank on the PS5 and it was shitty.
Also Astros Playroom is literal shovelware.


Persona really sucks when you’re not a lonely person.

But yeah, looks like PC is getting all the games multiple years after release like always.

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Happy ,9/11!
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I saw more posts acknowledging Cirno day than 9/11


the jews won


Your mom won when she got that black dick down her throat, lmao.


File: 1663187040891.jpg (45.48 KB, 770x600, 0f4.jpg)

my mom is black


Just say mutts law next time bud.

File: 1663002204700.gif (2.08 MB, 600x487, 1663000902073404.gif)


I wonder if we'll ever get a new advance wars game


mechs don't do that much dmg to tanks


iS was on a short-ass leash around the time awakening came out and got REALLY lucky with awakening and then the phone game.

I think they did the switch remake to gauge the waters, but it's kinda been a disaster of delays.

File: 1662812650184.jpg (83.91 KB, 640x443, Utilaleguan-13.jpg)


Uma delicia


File: 1663090667521.png (826.85 KB, 753x873, 1663089170618373.png)

I wanted toake a super cool joke about Hondurans eating lizards but I guess Armadillo stopped posting here…

File: 1649016072870.jpg (1.28 MB, 3840x2160, ELDEN RING™_20220403211715.jpg)


Kneel before the Elden Lord
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>some weapons are straight garbage (most collosal weapons)

I stopped playing days ago, but I'll pick it up again eventually.


That's why you stopped playing


File: 1649083872487.jpg (225.83 KB, 706x1025, kanon idol ruby.jpg)

I stopped playing because I'm watching Jewelpet.


You stopped playing beacuse it's not fun playing with Ultra Greatswords. I know it, you know it.


Did you even bear Elden Ring yet?

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I miss getting banned for posting "degenerate shit"



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God i wish i was schizophrenic enough to imagine myself a girlfriend


File: 1662703443880.jpeg (33.39 KB, 400x400, FUUUU.jpeg)

I would get a GF if white women werent so BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck


get a BLVCK kween dude


it's really not that hard of a concept, just let go of your earthly perceptions and conjure one.


File: 1662747511745.gif (642.65 KB, 697x728, animehaettranny.gif)

you're the tranny bro. cope and der/die/das lätz

File: 1662668159719.png (2.45 MB, 1920x1080, 1643208280560.png)




slava ukrany

File: 1662576431017.jpg (256.57 KB, 1560x1018, she also has all her teeth….jpg)


Why does apple feature blacks in their presentaion like they were some kind of slaves
They probably don't even notice how racist they are.


looks like a moist turd sticking out ew lmao




I can't believe Apple invented black people. This is their biggest accomplishment yet.

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