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Hey Lois, I'm an NFT


peter stop nicocadomaxxing


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Gcel do you still hate weed now




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Oh boy, PS5s are going to get expensive again…


File: 1637256556837.png (96.13 KB, 628x862, fail0verflow_ps5_exploit.png)

Two different hackers already have the PS5 keys, at least we know it's hackable.


yeah, release versions are always more hackable than the revisions. Wish I had a release switch, but then again

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What kind of jutsu is that?


Gun no Jutsu

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I bought River City Girls yesterday for the Switch, the digital, not the physical from Limited Run Games.

I made a huge mistake, I've played tons of beat em ups and I know they're supposed to be hard but this one is cheap, I know its core mechanics are the same as any Kunio game but this one feels so outdated, leveling up is pointless, equipped items have zero effects.

But the worst part is the cringey weebo shit, the voice acting sucks and reminds me of those early dubbed OVAs from the 90s, they're supposed to live in Japan but maybe some Americanized one? The animation is almost as bad as the CD-i Zelda and Mario games and for $30 I expected a lot more.

Some people say the game is way more enjoyable as a couch co-op but for single player the game is simply not worth it.


>buy shit game
>complain about it

It's like you didn't see all the /v/ threads shitting on it. Better buy cyberpunk for the PS4 while you are at it


File: 1637163565219.jpg (153.62 KB, 1024x576, download.jpg)

Do you trust /v/ that much? Anyway, this time they were right…


/v/ is literally always correct they are like the pope infallible


File: 1637184456522.png (802.93 KB, 471x574, 1634740882787.png)

>Like the pope
Hope you like hell


Do you want me to summon d-laǒxiāng?

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A girl in my class once made a birthday cake for me. Did that mean she liked me? I thought it just happened to be my birthday and that she just happen to bring cake to school.


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Should we tell him?


File: 1635853962597.jpg (309.52 KB, 960x1378, 1635850329087.jpg)

How did it come to this…


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>pov you put pickles on some nerds burger


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Neko Neko Kissa!

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Actually Joe Biden is even unlike Trump who was odd.


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It's been a year and people still talk about Trump, 9 out of 10 reddit threads actually.


did you answer to that reddit message you got?
dont leave em hanging


File: 1637085359602.gif (1.36 MB, 342x316, chonkers 2.gif)

>going at reddit


stewpid esl

File: 1637077553278.png (3.02 MB, 1920x1080, Dark Web.png)



thx bby (=


Virus, do not click :(

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>master was renamed to main
>all branch policies exploded

Thanks sjws


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Don't be a cuck, don't fall for that meme.

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