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be happy that you at least had friends there


Why? You literally can't go through school and not have a few friends




Mr. Nagataki will be updated today!


Finally, after 10 years…

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Why did nobody tell me that Lalos wacky adventures are back

Man, this series is so fucking cool, I wish I lived in latin america
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I think varga has a lookalike in the original series but doesn't actually appear. I felt that mandela effect too.


Are you sure? I'm pretty sure he's in the original series


all he gets is a throwaway mention by saul


The new episode had a lot of death flags for Kim…

Bros, I'm getting worried


Dying would be too obvious, she'll probably end up going to prison or fleeing town.

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Just need to get through the day Bros. It's nearly weekend
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i suck cocks for $$$
it's comfy


I'd never assume anything different


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it's fun~


>the pedophile shit is still up
G-bro… the CIA will come for you…


Sorry. I am wageslavung again…

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Why is KC/b/ so shitty
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Like at least a few years ago there were some outposts of intelligent life on that board


KC is ded.


you wouldn't even know foreigner


Because it where germans are


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bcuz all the baste krauts are on kohlchan/trint/ already

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Kino is back on the menu




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Dont give a fuck just tryna cope after missing today’s pump. Don’t give a shit. Always losing always the same bullshit. Pulled out yesterday cause I got scare even tho homie said to hold. Fuck my life. Y’all clown on me go ahead but imma keep my head up. My smiles all I got. Can’t even afford the haircut rn.

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Basically they took Carranger's subplot where Red Racer (sentai leader) and Beauty Zonnette (space biker gang leader) are in a forbidden relationship à la Romeo and Juliet, interesting premise plus the theme song's singer is f*cking Tamura Yukari, I'll definitely watch it until the end.
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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
Some weird girl who's voice is quiet, not a lot to add besides of the main character trying to undestand what she's saying and thinking.

Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasaretai
Cute ghosts that haunt wagies but fail misserably.

A Country bumpkin who realizes that is time to let his dream die and take care of his parent's manjuu business.

RPG Fudousan
It's (not) free real estate, it's shit.

Yuusha, Yamemasu
Hero destroyed the Demon King's army and castle, now he's jobless and the only one capable of employing him is the Demon King herself.

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>RPG Fudousan
>It's (not) free real estate, it's shit.
Shit taste


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>I like it because of the plot


File: 1650179737818.webm (3.94 MB, 1280x720, AharenSanWaHakarenai-ED.webm)

Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi
A ninja school that separates girls and boys and the main character is curious about men in general.

Tiger & Bunny S2
The first 13 episodes are already on Netflix, it's the sequel nobody asked for and it does everything from the first season but worse, the bad guys are retarded and every character gets a single episode focusing on them, all the other characters are not even mentioned and it makes things confusing.


Aharen and Shikimori are very good, I wish I could go back to high school…

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>this is ugly in Japan

Wtf are they smoking


Japan has shite taste, tell me something new.

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when you're right you're right


Where can I buy that shirt

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my amazon history, kek
how do I hide being such a weeb
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It's not even real Yuri. They all get boyfriends in the epilogue








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