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Gcel lifestyle


why are fascists in love with marxist messages?


are you implying that I'm a fascist and not a marxist


It's almost like it's called National SOCIALISM

File: 1631570680402.jpg (257.17 KB, 720x1110, 1564031686292.jpg)




I thought you saved this pic from me but you couldn't because then I remembered the last time I posted it was in 2018


File: 1631627060352.jpg (315.25 KB, 650x851, cd02cc79f1c5dbba183cde8160….jpg)

I found it on a booru

File: 1630953708093.jpg (153.62 KB, 849x1080, Honeyview_veterans discoun….jpg)




Why would the cashier make that face? Argentinians were supportive of fascist governments in Italy and Spain because that's where their ancestors came from.


It's a joke you smartass


When Argentina becomes more German than Germany.

File: 1631360563358.png (24.65 KB, 640x480, 1630553863168.png)


Happy 911!
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Argentina is pretty free. That being said your offender can easily place a hit on you but it just further proves the point of it being free.


Argentina is a shithole country where not even Argentinians want to live in. That being said, I'd probably like to live in Swiss, but it's really hard to find a job there and be accepted by the people


Switzerland is totally not free you bipolar cretin.


is it? afaik they have a startup scene growing really fast and mostly want german speakers


It's free if you are Swiss

File: 1631474098040.mp4 (363.95 KB, 460x578, 2234-1cjtmbx.mp4)


>then I asked a merobro to say "KID AMOGUS" backwards LMAO! Literally owned that nerd.


did you literally just copy my thread?



File: 1631475354672.jpg (30.8 KB, 400x400, 1082-17bu3nm.jpg)

You're supposed to be the guy talking to the girl about that thread, you know that I hate when I have to explain jokes…

File: 1631302956083.jpg (83.29 KB, 1080x1080, 1630614686042.jpg)


Just saw a limmy sketch and cringed so hard that I turned off my PC


Purple burglar alarm.


Big boy.

File: 1631223259083.png (637.95 KB, 613x636, 1631220289235.png)


I hecking love sony


File: 1631223371261.jpg (126.11 KB, 828x826, 1631223152419.jpg)

lold at this one


File: 1631237212149.png (88.45 KB, 230x321, image_2021-09-09_212627.png)

>be me from 1990-2021 creating a black character in any game
>only 1 skin tone
>1-2 kind of racist hairstyles
>darkest eye color is a light brown
>only european faces to choose from

>pic related is my character


File: 1631297755813.jpg (155.38 KB, 900x1125, 1631269268322.jpg)



it's all the minorities rolled into one. at least they were efficient about it.


I still haven't played gta5 up to this day.

File: 1631261831655.jpg (30.48 KB, 409x409, 1631191382274(2).jpg)


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File: 1631286126667.png (7.98 KB, 259x195, 1631285493790.png)



gonna watch some anime and drink while wagecelchan breaks his back for me


if only douki chan were my boss…


File: 1631288975739.jpg (41.49 KB, 750x458, 1594838331295.jpg)

Imagine having a female womanlet boss LMAO!


I had a female boss once and it was so fucking comfy. We laughed more than we worked tbh

File: 1631279305349.jpg (14.25 KB, 480x360, 1630475325756.jpg)


The whole joggers meme was funny and the guy probably really was casing houses, but what in the actual fuck?

The police dept just gave some random idiots guns and told them to catch the thief themselves like that really dumb police academy sequel.

File: 1631129911460.webm (2.94 MB, 640x360, 1631127514510.webm)


Fucking hell, I knew he was a meme cook, but that is on another level




how do i watch things on the internet without having to convince myself that they are not staged


When you cook with alcohol it isn't a surprise it turns out well also is James going to release his own line of slow cookers anytime soon?

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