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Getting my 3rd jab SOON™, can't wait!


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why? you are not over 70, nor do you have a bad immune system

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did anyone epse notice a timeline shift either last night or today?


the time distortions never stop


you DON'T talk about this in public g delete the thread quick

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>get visitor
>want to play mortal combat with them on my PS5
>game won't start

I thought what the fuck and we tried for 30 minutes before giving up. Then later I figured it out. Your firmware needed to be updated and you need to have an online connection to even play the game in LOCAL COOP.
WHAT THE FUCK MAN. This is worse than steam. At least on my PC I can crack the games


did you have sex instead then


Im not a gay


Some games need a specific firmware to run, it happens in pretty much all consoles.


MK XL is a Ps4 game


You can't even play blu-ray discs on PS4 without activating the feature first (requires Internet access).

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Why can't the dumbass Japs just make good anime instead of bad anime?


Pick one


File: 1637430881934.png (259.27 KB, 326x457, unknown.png)

*picks both*

File: 1637378606150.jpg (59.13 KB, 577x438, gnnvin8qco671.jpg)


he won


an american hero


Imagine if he had shot a nigger. He'd be in jail just like chauvin


Literally only just recently heard about this kid and dont get the hoopla, literally who cares?

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Why is the board so dead when I am not reposting threads from /v/
Also remove this gay captcha already
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>get bullied at school
>make anime about bullying years later


>Get bullied by otakus on the internet for not writing it "correctly"


File: 1637338038887.jpg (17.53 KB, 271x361, FCsh0IbWYAMI-1P.jpg)

They announced the new Eva here's a sneak peek


File: 1637338939964.jpg (51.84 KB, 640x497, george floyd fumo.jpg)



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lmao is that real


File: 1637349976184.jpg (72.41 KB, 720x385, Screenshot_20211119_132459.jpg)

It is but happened like a year before George Floyd's death.

File: 1637341617280.jpg (33.16 KB, 668x459, 1637334902198.jpg)


Just saw a BDSP ad on TV and I felt really uncomfortable watching it. I always find it strange seeing "non normie" stuff on TV. The ad was basically aimed at 20 something dudes, as it showed a boy playing the old one and a grown up man playing the remake.


what do you mean pkmn is 4 norms


no well adjusted adult plays that crap. Or has a switch for that matter.

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Bros. We are back in business.


lol, I'd rather buy a Zotac


Not even chinks buy chink graphic cards.


+50 lgbt blm credit score has been deposited on your account

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Pokémon fans be like

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