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I'm very comfy rn. Hope you guys are also comfy


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Kill yourself lankcel fuck


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I'm always comfy.

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I always find fascinating that Isaac Asimov's three laws of robotics were written exactly in that order to prevent robots from killing humans, changing any rule's order could fuck up mankind.

Imagine having a robowife and rules 1,2 and 3 are in the order 1, 3 and 2, you'll end up having a useless wife who refuses to wash the dishes.


The laws are stupid, as there is always somewhere a human in need of rescuing


It's not like robots can't restrain humans, unless you have a cyborg like Robocop, that bastard will shot you right in the dick.

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Just caught up on sotsu. What a Trainwreck it is




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Today is the day


EULA-san, child of ToS, please accept my terms and conditions.

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Manlet bros, we are going to make it

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tell me something I don't know


ur gay


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The maximum amount of files in a single directory for both NTFS and EXT4 filesystems is 2^32 or 4,294,967,295 files.


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fug, forgot the video


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I had no idea

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Did any of you guys actually see this anime? Is it worth watching?
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so you can't watch it without seeing the original ka?


there are a lot of scenes that show you a different side of the same scene from the last season. You miss that impact if you haven't seen the original. Then again I'm already missing a lot from before the 1st season because I didn't read the VN or watch the old anime, and I still enjoyed this new one. So you might have a good time.


Dumb zoomers


You have to watch the original because it's a sequel you retard


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you wouldn't get it


>5 years
Holy fucking shit dude.


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Pretty cringe, man. Real men chase dreams, not chicks.


uh T just got a lithuanian gf how do you explain that


He's a norm and an ironic weeb

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why are jews like this, should mero make its own chat app?


NOOOOOO, Not my heckin private data

Not the hecking secrecy good boy. Now everyone will know that I type nigger in every second sentence


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Let them know. I will own up to my entire posting history when the future dystopian governments release all previously anonymous data. When every place of employment refuses to hire me, I'll live in a barrel and masturbate in public. CEO's and Presidents will kneel before my wit mastered through years of degenerate shitposting wishing they could be a true free man like me.


Have fun being deported into the creamatorium because humans without a permit will not be counted as humans. You will be seen as a waste of space.


>masturbate in public 2500 years ago
>be called a genius
>masturbate in public in current year
>be called a degenerate
>get imprisoned if not shot down
what went wrong?

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Finally managed to find the gif


Is that Uzaki's mommy?


That's a cow

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Monke thread for monke


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