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I realized the more I browse anime board, the more I hate Jews.(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING AN ANTISEMITE)



woah chud you cant say- Oh wait i didn't know your muslim, you have such a exotic and beautiful culture!


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Do you ever get that feel when you look at an analogue clock and you see the hand that indicates the seconds move backwards once and you think wtf, but then it only moves forwards so you start to question if you really saw it?


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What's a feel?


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neural networks are becoming too powerful to contain

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US haters were btfo so fucking hard. It's actually beautiful there


just like my swiss mountain village…


This aerial view doesn’t change the fact that if you’re a pedestrian this area is hell.
I was gonna say there was badly constructed sidewalks but then I looked again and there are no sidewalks! LMAO
Also reaffirmation of big chain supremacy, barely any family businesses, etc, etc.

Yeah, the fields and greenery is nice but they don’t really change the overall fucked nature of the sprawling


I despise urbanite niggers who post that bottom image
boo fucking hoo there's easy access to food and fuel, and if their fat asses could walk more than 50 yards they'd actually be able to see the vast swathes of natural land all over the US

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I don't feel anything watching this webm because I spend my youth outside and not in front of a TV.
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The 90s sucked and the 80's were gay. There's no nostalgia for the 2000


i'm a zoomer so I feel nothing


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You couldn't do both?


I obviously did both, but I only played Pokémon and watched Dragonball

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I just made a post about my opinion. What is wrong with 4channel lately?
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/v/eddit, not 4chan


to make you seethe


Pretty much everyone except potential school shooters. pedophiles, and Chinless Americans agree racism isn't funny anymore when done in bad taste.


It's funny because it's provocative.


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stop being antisemitic, goy!

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>Oh, to be nineteen again! You with me, ladies and gentlemen? Do you remember nineteen?


Damn he hasn't aged a bit.


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get back to work pvt ramirez



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hey I remember posting this

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This is peak 90s kino and much better than cyberflop.

I had to smile so much thought the movie. It's so cheesy it's charming. A simple plot executed brilliantly. The pacing is just right, lots of cool scenes and chachy phrases. I wonder why it was judged so harshly by the critics at that time. It's probably one of the best movies I have seen this year. Scenes and costumes look very well made, the movie had probably one of the biggest action budgets at that time.

All in all, 10/10. I also saw northman and rated it high, but for me this move is just a bit behind it. It's lighthearted fun instead of serious athmospheric slow burn kino. Watch it if you feel tired and want to be entertained.
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do they burn alive 600 pound people on the street like you are able to do in the game?


There was a scene like that, but not sure if they were 600 pound. I don't know if that's a lot or not


the 2011 one has a qt that i think about all the time


can you draw her from memory


Only when im cooming but then my drawing hand is occupied

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Finna bout to down some whiteclaws, truly's and mikes hard lemonade
Anime for this feel?



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>last post 21 hours ago
so when are we going the way of bun


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I'm busy watching anime and playing video games

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