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I don't get how people can like Cyberpunk Edgerunners or Summer Time Renderer. These were the worst anime that I have watched this year. Summer Time in particular shit the bed so hard in the end, it retroactively made me hate the anime. And I thought it would be so good when I watched the first counple episodes.
Cyberpunk on the other hand is really boring from start to finish. Something about it irkes me. I'm going as far as to say that it lacks soul.

inb4 what do you think is good anime. Akebi Chan is a work of pure art and Yofukashi no Uta has one of the best cinematography I have seen this year. But most people here just find them "boring"
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>I don't know why you'd ever watch akebi over reading it.

The anime looks very good


Post akebi's swimsuit abs then


Women shouldn't have abs tbh


take your fatties and fuck off to fat faggot anime amerilard
I'll stay here with the ticky tack pointy leg lolis in mango marches


I think your definition of abs wildly differs from mine

When I tink of abs I imagine Ghislaine

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File: 1672209935101.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 362x480, 1672157766909.webm)



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The future you chose.


What the fuck is THAT!


The state of jp

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You ARE coming to the Gikopoi 2022 New Year Eve party… right? Or are you some kind of normalfag shit eater who's going to go drunk with some normie losers while all the /jp/sies are having the time of their lives? Well? Which is it? Answer me right now!
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but i use gikopoipoi


dial8 troon


dial8 troon


why are u mad


he's meant to say dial his emergency number, because he's having a heart attack from being a fat fuck.
But he fat fingered and not only replied twice but fucked his message up, classic.

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This year is the year boys


File: 1672000583614.webm (3.31 MB, 1280x720, 1671687977167.webm)

Frankly, I am not feeling it.


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imagine posting incel crap like this.

you disappoint kraut-kun


I was pretty close this year actually but it didnt work out
Maybe the image is true this time


who cares about gfs… when… we have each other…

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I will be playing gikopoi with big dogs like meltingwax, tablecat, daddy cool, 0037, shii and tokiko for new year eve while you retards continue to shit up mero /jp/


the event is on 2023/01/01 @ 04:00 UTC

so what are you waiting for? (´• ω •`)


the instance is running on:


seethe more pissu admin


This is good and the greybeard approvals.


i will be on for the new years party this year giko


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wch gko fuq

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Merry Christmas!


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>continues to produce five million plastic trees

Chinese are the biggest hypocrites on the planet


Its like milking money from a cow
Wecterners just stop consooming


christ will save china

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Isekai, if he real

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You guys always say that 4Chan is becoming more like Reddit and Twitter. But I think it's the complete opposite. Reddit and Twitter are becoming more like 4chan. Just went to twitter and I'm seeing all the 4chan memes there like Gachimuchi and Bateman
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The "Yes" meme is literally racist


File: 1671797077279.png (146.67 KB, 718x791, momoidab.png)

being racist is fun, everyone should do it


File: 1671800266922.jpg (116.52 KB, 1024x675, 473.jpg)

Lmao I get it


Nah, because Reddit and twitter actually organize events, raids, and mass trolling like 4chan used to until it became jannified.

I mean, 4channers made fun of “we did it Reddit”, but at this point it just sounds like envy.

And the best part is that the raids are usually against deplorables, it’s how they got rid of incel and racist communities in their own spaces, and in reddits case through downvoting completely silence idiotic people.


normalfags dont know this therefore they dont care
When pepe was "reclaimed" by /pol/ it actually deterred normalfags from using pepe (less of a big deal now though)

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Wait, this nigga is still alive and in prison? And apparently he'd be out for a year now if not politics?

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Wait, they actually got a native russian speaker do the VA?
Pretty cool if you ask me
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it's fucking over


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what subs are those


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Damn what an ending
Good show


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