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I don't feel anything watching this webm because I spend my youth outside and not in front of a TV.
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The 90s sucked and the 80's were gay. There's no nostalgia for the 2000


i'm a zoomer so I feel nothing


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You couldn't do both?


I obviously did both, but I only played Pokémon and watched Dragonball

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>Oh, to be nineteen again! You with me, ladies and gentlemen? Do you remember nineteen?


Damn he hasn't aged a bit.


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get back to work pvt ramirez



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hey I remember posting this

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This is peak 90s kino and much better than cyberflop.

I had to smile so much thought the movie. It's so cheesy it's charming. A simple plot executed brilliantly. The pacing is just right, lots of cool scenes and chachy phrases. I wonder why it was judged so harshly by the critics at that time. It's probably one of the best movies I have seen this year. Scenes and costumes look very well made, the movie had probably one of the biggest action budgets at that time.

All in all, 10/10. I also saw northman and rated it high, but for me this move is just a bit behind it. It's lighthearted fun instead of serious athmospheric slow burn kino. Watch it if you feel tired and want to be entertained.
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do they burn alive 600 pound people on the street like you are able to do in the game?


There was a scene like that, but not sure if they were 600 pound. I don't know if that's a lot or not


the 2011 one has a qt that i think about all the time


can you draw her from memory


Only when im cooming but then my drawing hand is occupied

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Finna bout to down some whiteclaws, truly's and mikes hard lemonade
Anime for this feel?



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>last post 21 hours ago
so when are we going the way of bun


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I'm busy watching anime and playing video games

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Wait, Persona 5 is finally on steam?
Lmao snoys have literally nothing left. Finally, a PS3 game is playable on PC!


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i spent $3000 on a gaming pc and i cant play ratchet and clank or astros playroom i'm fuming


I played Ratchet and Clank on the PS5 and it was shitty.
Also Astros Playroom is literal shovelware.


Persona really sucks when you’re not a lonely person.

But yeah, looks like PC is getting all the games multiple years after release like always.

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Happy ,9/11!
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I saw more posts acknowledging Cirno day than 9/11


the jews won


Your mom won when she got that black dick down her throat, lmao.


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my mom is black


Just say mutts law next time bud.

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I wonder if we'll ever get a new advance wars game


mechs don't do that much dmg to tanks


iS was on a short-ass leash around the time awakening came out and got REALLY lucky with awakening and then the phone game.

I think they did the switch remake to gauge the waters, but it's kinda been a disaster of delays.

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Uma delicia


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I wanted toake a super cool joke about Hondurans eating lizards but I guess Armadillo stopped posting here…

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