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I really wanted to like this game, and the concept is there. It could be the overwatch killer if they didn't go full retard with the pay2win shit.


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wish it was more like tf2 than overwatch


I wish it were more gundamlike. Like having the robots actually have weight and size. Instead we got guys in robot suits. The maps are just like someone would design a map for humans.
There are also zero Gundam references. It's literally just a Gundam skin. No maps based on the anime. No throwbacks, no fanservice, no plot points. I guess the devs didn't know a single thing about Gundam


i keep saying this
the devs are probably outsourced chink slave laborer code monkeys
it doesnt capture the essence of gundam at all

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Ehhh, is that so… Tell me more
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Totally on purpose.


I don't think there will be major drama. If even if, it will be resolved a few minutes later that episode.


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My wife gets a second season!


no please don't you'll fuck it up

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Just checked my stocks. Where do I get a refund?


File: 1664305685844.gif (383.07 KB, 500x528, 1664301385591864.gif)

You bought?

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Well, how about a private lesson?
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might play shining force again


I did it! I finally beat chapter 11!

only 17 chapters to go!


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I don't get it.
What's a woman's true nature?


they let out big smelly farts


They're all raging lesbos

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these are like , real japanese people…..




wow, who knew japs could use the internet

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Did you ever go solo camping with a few friends?
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hate ticks hate camping




That's the joke


That bitch tried to blackmail MC with a false accusation of rape and now the eunuch MC gets bossed around by her. Cuck manga.


Yeah, it's NTRbait the manga

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MAPPA can't create anything original or interesting. The cuts were bad. The pacing was bad. I felt like this is anime that comes out when someone is given a budget and is forced to adapt a series he knows nothing about. You could say I hated it. It could be so much more if someone adapted it that actually cared about the series or knew basic cinematography. Wasted money for a soulless cashgrab and people will eat it up just becase it "looks" good.

utter trash.

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where is the cyberpunk thread
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Well I beat it. Kinda gay that you have to choose between the ability to hack vs bullet time. I went with hacking early on and found it offered a lot more varied gameplay but when I unlocked the Sandy I couldn't resist because of how easy it made the rest of the game. Strangely, the side quests are better than the main quest. For some retarded reason there's a forced sense of urgency in the plot incentivizing you to complete the game instead of playing through the majority of content. You're explicitly told you have a few weeks to live but no timer starts I checked. Skyrim does the same thing. It's not as big of a trashfire as it was at launch though it will never live up to the hype. I'd rate it somewhere above Mankind Divided but below Human Revolution. IGN 6/10


oh yeah and making it a looter shooter was fucking retarded


When I started playing it I got put off the random shitty fetch quests and cinematic garbage. Makes the same mistakes the Witcher games make. The gameplay sucks


Does Anime of the Decade mean *this* decade, as in the 20s, or within the last decade, i.e. the last 10 years? There's been literally nothing good released in the 20s so it doesn't sound that crazy to me. Otherwise it's Ping Pong.


trigger is a western studio though

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I realized the more I browse anime board, the more I hate Jews.(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING AN ANTISEMITE)



woah chud you cant say- Oh wait i didn't know your muslim, you have such a exotic and beautiful culture!


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Do you ever get that feel when you look at an analogue clock and you see the hand that indicates the seconds move backwards once and you think wtf, but then it only moves forwards so you start to question if you really saw it?


File: 1663866765233.webm (436.64 KB, 460x460, 1663116491899.webm)

What's a feel?


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neural networks are becoming too powerful to contain

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