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Basic authentication and normal passwords are dying bros, better update your apps to OAuth 2.0 before it's too late.
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I Drive™, for movies.


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Life must be hard for sub C2 serfs…



This is fake as hell dude
I bet you think the casting couch or taxi are real


File: 1629308430540.jpg (574.7 KB, 1892x1191, oshima miku.jpg)

>Buccal fat removal ✓
>Double eyelid surgery ✓
>Skin bleaching ✓
Yeah, asian women are a scam.


I didn't say anything you fucking nutjob.

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>hey G, would you change th


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Hondi and meromin


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The best pair the offshoots have ever produced

File: 1629216390736.jpg (296.3 KB, 2016x1512, DSC_0619_compress20.jpg)


The first one I saw this year


File: 1629216535868.jpg (43.51 KB, 699x699, what the hell is even that.jpg)


Dude, I post these every year


File: 1629229863918.jpg (403.95 KB, 2000x1500, PSX_20210817_134941.jpg)

Check my cantaloupe.


File: 1629233038449.jpg (384.36 KB, 1089x819, 1332315489813.jpg)


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she's beautiful

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>There's going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the—of the United States from Afghanistan. It is not at all comparable


File: 1629198231685.jpg (46.55 KB, 1024x576, 1629061204232.jpg)

Why did you post the photoshopped version?


It's getting harder to find the uncensored versions thanks to the globalists.

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Who's Steve Jobs?


I heard G-teen is leaving.


File: 1629158134796.mp4 (974.91 KB, 426x426, miami_detective.mp4)


Damn Redline still hits hard love it.

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A Jew, a Hindu, and a nigger stayed in a tiny hotel. There was only one vacant room with two beds. A third person had to go to sleep in the straw barn. The first to go was
was the Jew:
"I was brought up in a kibbutz in Israel, and I can easily sleep in the barn," he said and left. But 15 minutes later there was a knock at the door - it was the Jew who returned. "I found a pig in the barn, I can't sleep with an unclean pig under the same roof" Then the Hindu man spoke up: "No problem, I grew up in Bombay, and I can easily sleep in a clean barn with a pig. But he knocked on the door 15 minutes later because he found a cow in the barn, which is sacred to Hindus. He could not sleep with her under the same roof. Finally a nigger came up. He stated that he grew up in South Los Angeles and that no pig or cow would stop him from having a wonderful night in the barn.
Fifteen minutes later, there was a knock on the door of the room. There was a pig and a cow on the doorstep.


Didn't read. But touching on the topic of racial demographics I would like to announce that I don't mind being around folk from far east asia, I love chinese take-outs, but I do mind going outside for a walk in a European country and seeing a mudslime after mudslime after mudslime after mudslim…


Try not living in a city


Not funny
Dodnt laugh



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Tawawa on Monday got animated, even Dogeza got a shitty anime, hopefully this won't be 5 minute shorts.


月曜日no tawawa got an anime?


File: 1629050158524.png (478.12 KB, 800x450, gets2.png)

Like 5 years ago, but it was just 5 minute shorts.


I remember it now. I wonder why I never see it mentioned or posted


He needs to stop with the generic romcom shit and go back to drawing foot fetish focused art.

File: 1628943885757.jpg (78.56 KB, 800x1066, imaizumi_kagerou_touhou_dr….jpg)


*posts on ur board*


File: 1628952942456.png (260.05 KB, 378x610, 1628662804048.png)

Wow, you really read it.

File: 1627282652236.png (497.17 KB, 593x531, 1620366733011.png)


And back to work like a good little wagie
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File: 1627887460307.png (125.8 KB, 594x594, 1627885908719.png)



File: 1627888202474.jpg (144.56 KB, 959x641, quit.jpg)


File: 1628775201018.jpg (130.61 KB, 750x709, 1628768179081.jpg)


Lol, wagies am I right?


Worked today too. It's nice being able to pick your own hours.

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