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I can fix her
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they are going to make a new mawaru movie


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is this your account


shit tier waifu and shit tier tea
what do you think


is that a yes


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Seriously hope you guys aren't using duckduckgo


I use Yandex.


I do too now


>not using searx


love when right wing scum pretend they have morals and care about free speech


Why right wing? Neither political spectrums care about free speech. Free speech is always criticizing the ones in power and nobody wants that.

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alright, that's bullshit.
Why are they already marrying without ever seeing the kid. like what the fuck, are the japanese really like this?
And eating the fish you just caught fucking raw? That's so fucking disgusting
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They only do fly fishing tho which is not great for fish other than salmon or carps.

>my fishing licence

First world countries have it tough, now if you excuse me I'll proceed to destroy my environment.


Here the fishing licence is basically as hard to get as a driving licence. But at least I can be elitist about it in the future


there's tests? here all you need to do is pay a fee


You are only allowed to pay that fee if you have the licence. Then you are allowed to fish in that region where you paid the fee.


You can give a man a fish….

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In case you guys didn't notice, I'm sick and playing Elden Ring every waking minute, but I wanted to tell a funny story.

When I was buying medication the cashier told me "get well soon" while I was leaving. And I told her "you too"


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>imagine being sick most of the time
That's G for you.


But that makes the times where you are not sick even more precious

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Come funpost at https://boomtown.com/

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I'm scared.


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the new monster hunter will be lit fr


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I think I'll buy Rise in the future, it looks like a neat game.


dude I can't wait for the hecking next AAA bandwagon

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>americans think this was one of the largest attacks against democracy since the civil war
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>American fashion


I would wear these ironically


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Are you a dad?


I can be your dad if you want



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I haven't seen the new batmen yet

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Come funpost at https://boomtown.org


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Rumi is my waifu.

Also Katsura Edage was a f*cking genius, sometimes I wonder why he didn't experiment a bit more in the visual novel industry.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST. NO NSFW ALLOWED)

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