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I think I understand why the governments are importing so many people, especially men.
If you saw anything that happened in Ukraine this year, you realized modern war is different, but similar to what it was in the past. Most men die without ever seeing combat. They are given equipment just incase, but it is known that they will likely never use it. They go to the front lines just to die and force the enemy into using their dwindling resources. The life expectancy at one point was just a few hours long, and that battle lasted months. The US government leaked estimates a few months ago that said about 500,000 have died in total from both sides.

Now think…..

Would Ukraine have faired better if they had just finished importing a million military age men into the country?
Obviously the answer is yes. 1 million men would be two or more extra years of constant bloodshed in the Ukraine war. Not just that, but it could also mean more costly pushes could be attempted, and possibly a quicker end to the war.
It could be a mere coincidence both Europe and North America suddenly have complete open boarders policies. But I don't think so. There were mass migration events before, but not like this.
I believe it may be possible the world governments are preparing for a war, and these men they bring in are going to be drafted.
Just think, ALL of this is completely illegal, but they are not even trying to hide it and even though political parties will promise to stop it, they willingly choose not to (see Italy).


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My thought is that the word is suffering from overpopulation. The refugees have literally no alternative. They either come here or they die.
And we have no alternative either. We can either kill them or we let them in. And the government doesn't like to kill people (yet).


yeah if you're a r word this is definitely why

the real reason is because people aren't having children anymore because poverty is up worldwide and these global corporations need new slaves for their wage factories.
however many of these people reject this and make money their own way, this is when they introduce diseases for population control, and still why only the wealthy mysteriously survive things like cancer all the time.

Wars don't happen anymore in civilized lands, and its unlikely to, main reason is because it goes against the best interest of the mysterious ruling classes, wars are expensive and you lose many slaves to battle.
Putin is just insane and Russia has done nothing but suffer for his decision, the Ukraine war has essentially set precedent for this to never happen again unless global warming changes how resources are managed.

What's more likely however is more civil wars, more people warring against the ruling classes.

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Thanks Jan man, for keeping the board clean
That just had to be said. You are appreciated
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havent been getting good sleep lately
stressed over stupid bullshit that dont matter


Just stop drinking coffee and soda


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but it helps me focus
t. adhd zoomer


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I didn't take this advice (i don't drink soda anyway except for monster, infact I had a monster energy coffee earlier) but I'm happy right now and not anxious so thanks anon

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I see he's mad


What was his name again?

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Im almost certain that the One Piece will be an Onion that reverses devil fruit powers

Dont ask me how i know this


I'm almost certain Oda will the the secret of the one piece into his grave


the one piece is a devil fruit tree tho


The one piece is Yo!
Ya-yo, ya-yo

Don't give it up, Luffy!
Don't give it up, Zolo!
Don't give it up, Nami!
Don't give it give it up give it up give it up give it up

Here's how the story goes, we find out about a treasure in the Grand Line
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The new number one on Shounen Jump is THIS?


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WTF, how is this allowed
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Those internal organs really make me rock hard


Dude had this downloaded cause his teeth only attracts walruses


>Why can't we have this
Its called botw and tears of the kingdom sweaty


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Skyrim was the last kino Bethesda game but it needed mods to make it actually fun to play.
The lore and writing was solid, worldbuilding too, but the gameplay was very bad.

Starfield is just another corporate Bethesda game, they will never make another good game because they have business majors making decisions on what’s fun



Tbh with all the mods it was still a polished turd, but at least you had fun for a few hours.
There is literally 0 fun in starfueld. 0 sense of exploration. All the NPC's suck and everything looks like a filler.
The last part is probably the worse one. Everything feels like a filler

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merorin must be lonely in this site with his 2 posters
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Too many Americans, i refrain from posting as not to worsen the balance


File: 1695059687157.gif (1.92 MB, 1200x675, 1695059574522706.gif)


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there are only like 3 or 4 of us thoughbeit


I'm honorary American, I eat McDonalds every week


whoa where'd you get all these newshits it actually feels like you've been advertising on reddit and youtube comment sections

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4cuck…why… i was your strongest soldier yet you betray me like this….


File: 1694889306976.jpg (43.74 KB, 768x717, 1694457205729.jpg)

How about being a normal human being for once.


Pedos and alt righties are never seeing heavens gates

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we whites will be remembered like elves. We created practically all inventions and innovations throughout all of civilization. Beautiful and aesthetic. To the people of the future, white inventions would seem like magic


File: 1694711018881.webm (2.62 MB, 720x1280, 1694643161871.webm)

want to go out for some doener?


100 years from now when the world is 50-100 degrees hotter and kids have to go to school using a hyper insulation chamber and non melanated people have to wear special suits to go outside or risk skin cancer, I will truly be thanking the whites for their innovation of drilling oil, cutting down forests, dumping toxic waste, and bombing goat farmers.


File: 1694721679352.jpg (670.83 KB, 1920x2180, 1668116769007567.jpg)

> I will truly be thanking the whites

I thnk you should be thanking a whole different group of people for that.


File: 1694734863355.jpeg (101.68 KB, 417x387, IMG_0350.jpeg)

I’m sorry, I got confused.

I saw a b2 bomber fly over my house yesterday, and i was just full of appreciation for the whites leaving millions of undetonated ordinance all over the world for little kids to find.
I just can’t wait to stand and pledge allegiance to the white race knowing that if not for them, I couldn’t live on the earth, it was simply too savage with all the agriculture, groves of nature, and there was nobody to give all my hard worked earnings to.
In the future, when they write about how Elon Musk solved world hunger, and how Bill Gates ended all disease, I will make sure not to question it, after all, they’re white!

Pic related, it’s a picture of me (I’m Mexican)


eine donner mit alles bitte

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gchan people online were mean to me again…….


File: 1694588188545.gif (2.65 MB, 640x538, 1684601163740571.gif)



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die slavnigger


toronto not welcome


File: 1694643956131.png (21.67 KB, 280x305, 1694643519642176.png)

>toronto not welcome


File: 1694673611477.jpeg (424.71 KB, 852x593, IMG_0357.jpeg)

> die slavnigger

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