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Can you glowie fucks please stop spamming cp.
This is a harmless site, there are no schizos here. I just want to discuss /jp/ cuilture for fucks sake. LEAVE ME ALONE
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>/nen/ just shut down
well there goes one of the last good spinoffs, now it's only mero
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the inventor of mellowchan


File: 1656154495098.jpg (2.03 MB, 2510x3873, 49k88co1mzh61.jpg)

do you physically archive (print) all posts?


he gets faxed everything thats posted because he works for an alphabet agency
nice rack tho


Did you take that pic with your 20 year old webcam?


A google agency?

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Umm it's raining really hard and my bus is late. Can I use your shower?
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No, but I want to try grade school again, they'll probably say no because of my age.


File: 1656103724138.jpg (145.48 KB, 850x1498, __karyl_princess_connect_d….jpg)

of course they wouldn't let you in and thats a good thing. you milk yourself to animu girls like kyaru-chan. you're a çhılderıno molesting sicko.

you will stay at home, jo to moe and seethe


File: 1656104666528.jpg (326.53 KB, 1451x2048, FVnRwRhUcAM_fhc.jpg)

is there anything you want to research?


File: 1656109333186.jpg (66.96 KB, 840x639, Nina-and-computer.jpg)

MSc in Business Engineering.


File: 1656155522998.png (6.86 KB, 400x400, FVxSAygaUAAUTTD.png)

a master? you just have to pay for that, i thought you were talking about a phd

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I imagine if the boy who shouted wolf would be alive today, he would be sent to the dungeon for 15 years the first time she shouted wolf and there wasn't a wolf.

I just feels so surreal to me that if you press some buttons on your PC, you get sent to prison for many years and need to pay millions. This shouldn't be legal.

Meanwhile rapists and violent thugs get few months probation. People think the laws in the Middle Ages were draconic.


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Not true for white women though


Literally just
>dont be racist
>dont be attracted to children
>dont want to rape women
It's that simple, LMAO


Even downloading a song could send you to prison


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The new artsyle looks kinda different huh


to make you seethe

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Another gem
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haha, marrige, am I right fellow incels?


File: 1656014134421.png (384.34 KB, 656x900, Screenshot 2022-06-23 1355….png)

>4chan post
>with reddit comment
>on 9gag
This is a true gem.


you forgot
>posted on mero


I remember people were freaking out in 2009 when that smiley movie mentioned 4chan for like two seconds


4chan the hacker?

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Whaz the hell happened


File: 1656040979749.png (111.7 KB, 920x2454, png-transparent-dragon-bal….png)

I will fucking kill you

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You know what else is antisemitic? Art.


File: 1655825452238.jpg (12.63 KB, 220x124, 62194221_301.jpg)

I'm trying to find the full picture but I just What the hell man.


File: 1655933521345.jpg (292.52 KB, 760x1178, IMG_0037_low-res.jpg)

People's Justice (2002) by the Taring Padi collective. It's a mural at the Documenta. Apparently they are shutting it down because it contains anti-semetic imagery. This is the best image I could find, but it's only the left segment. I don't speak sperg so you should look into it if you want to find a better pic.


File: 1655933711823.jpg (741.94 KB, 1920x1080, proxy-image.jpg)


Not bad. I searched for it for half an hour, but its probably banned on all major search engines.

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Did a stranger ever did something nice to you without any recompense?

A stranger once helped me find a working ATM at 3am. God bless that nigger.


what does he mean?
i brush my teeth with baking soda instead of kike tooth paste


File: 1655833729721.jpg (509.04 KB, 2000x931, PSX_20220621_114418.jpg)

Nigga, I just fucked up not one but two high performance wheels (cracked rims), I'm fine and my car is ok, one good Samaritan lent me his spare wheel and drove me to the nearest tire shop.


>objectively a shithole
>decent automobile

Classic third world mentality.


Oh, sorry. My donkey cart is at home, yeah shame on me.

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You beat demo Malzeno right?

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