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Rules are simple:

1. No degenrate shit.

I will also answer questions if you ask them. I have high expertise in many scientific fields. so feel free to taska bout things your degenerate brain does not know of.
Like "Why did Hitler do this" or "If Nazis were the good guys, how come they lost".

Have fun, subhumans.
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There has to be something in the water. I used Linux for years and never thought about transitioning

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Just wanted to share this cool bug I found


It's a dung beetle, doofus.



whatevs nerd


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I just owned you into the stratosphere and that's your comeback?

By the way here's the Irish enemy number one

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Kept you waiting, huh?
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PlayStation has games? What is this 1999?


File: 1685246775325.jpg (553.95 KB, 2560x1440, 20230527184548_2.jpg)

I started playing the first dragon's dogma because of people shilling it on /v/ after the sequel's announcement

It's actually super fun, pretty much everything I wanted in a fantasy RPG even when games like skyrim never appealed to me


I did spend a lot of time on this game, but the mixmax bullshit got into my head and now I can never play it again


>video games are in their shitty remake trend Era
Vidya didn't learn a single thing from film


File: 1685273155765.gif (562.41 KB, 1248x702, 1684435467798707.gif)

Remakes are literally in every generation. You are just old enough to remember the original.

File: 1685194518949.jpg (175.89 KB, 1080x878, 1685184767871591.jpg)


Greek gods back on top


*on the olympus

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Its Friday night and you are browsing Merorin? What a fucking loser..




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its tuesday now


It's next Friday and I'm still browsing mero, stay mad 😠

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Between Ion Fury and this, I would choose Boltgun.

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I find that if you ignore certain problems they tend to resolve themself.


I always do that. Why solve the problem now, if it has a chance to be automatically resolved later?


cannot ignore the glowies


thanks op had to get my teeth drilled


the dead body decomposed, now I don't have to bury it!


I just got fired…
But that means I don't have to work!
thanks Cell!

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